Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12

Its, been a wonderful week!!!! I miss my family. Guatemala is a gorgeous place.

The first day. it was kinds weird but i got to love it. The food is great. I have a wonderful companion . sorry for my spelling I'm losing my English. We learn alot the first day.

8/7/2014 we BEEN WORKING ALOT here its really fun, I have be so force that I learning everything easy. The people from Guatemala are so nice and short. Hannah Blanch might be a little taller then some of the people.
I learn how to love everyone and show care for the investigators. everyday i think about my family and i get this wonderful feeling that i know that they are doing great without me.

Thursday the 8th was a great day in my classes. Our not real investigator said yes to baptism in the first lesson I did. I felt the spirit so strong that my heart wanted to fell out. That was the greatest moment of my life. I made a goal that when i got to my mission that i will look for a Family to teach and baptize the whole Family!!!! I know that this church is true, I know the lord is taking care of my family and ward family. 

Friday I was feeling kinda down but it turned to be one of the greatest days in the ccm. Sometimes classes are boring and other times i cry in them when i tell everyone my stories. Alot of the members in my class are older then me Im one of the youngest in the class. I thought i would be the oldest but i was wrong. Everyone in the class says Im like the Father on the class and that made me feel great. I can see my classmates are down and upset. I do everything i can to cheer them up!! It hurts me to see them down. 

Saturday didnt feel like a Saturday. It was a wonderful day. I really don't remember that day but all i know that we are together. SorrySaturday wasn't that exciting. 

Sunday I have church at the same time as my ward at home. During it  I was thinking about everyone in the ward. First time i went to church in Spanish it was really cool. I had alot of personal study time. We also watched the Joseph Smith Movie every time I watch that I cry.

Monday: My distract became a Family to me, a lot of them were feeling down all day we didnt feel the spirit. AT tthe end of the day I told them to cheer up we all have a reason why we are here. I told them all something about them at makes me stronger and we were all crying.
By the way I found home here. These is a Elder from Roy and every time we see each other, we yell Home sweet home and hug each other I think its Funny but it makes me feel better and his name is Elder Fulmer.

Today This moring we went to the Temple. The temple is small here but its so gorgeous. I feel the spirit so strong in there. I wish i could tell you more but I cant. 

I hope everyone is doing great. I wrote some letters to some of you guys. If you do decide to write me back please don't send it to the MTC or CCM cause I will be gone, I will be Harvesting the lord"s work Love you all. 

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