Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8

Last Wednesday we had changes  CAMBIOS. My new compion is Elder Trimnal and his from North Carolina. Im in the area that every missionary wishes to be!!!!!! IM IN.................. are you guys ready to know where im in? Im in ANTIGUA GUATEMALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in the most beautiful area of the mission. Up in the mountains. Let me tell ya Anitgua is so great the members here are cool! I love it here. I love my companion too!! Im still district leader of the sisters of Ciudad Vieja and the Elders of Alontengo. Im so excited to be here!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel that im home and I know that the people here are different then the city. I know there is brothers and sisters here that I promised  I would love and bring back to Heavenly Father!! 

Have you guys thought this question. How am I showing love to Father in Heaven? The answer shouldnt be Pray, studying, or church. Im going to share what I think everyone should being doing to show love to Father in Heaven. 

Going to the temple and visiting him. Its is home and he lives there. We also should visit his children that are less active and bring them back. do serve to the children of Heavenly Father. Understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Family nights. Keep his commandments and there is a lot of our things. We can show our love! Im so happy to be here. Living the gospel is the greatest way to show love to Heavenly Father and be a example to the world. The world today is different and need to show that we are different and are getting guided by God. I know with all my heart that missionary work with bring happiness to your lifes. Do it, its a blessing. Try it I promise you, you will be happy and the lord needs you guys and only missionaries and are set apart to do it. We are all missionaries in the lords work. He the missionaries around you guys! Give them your friends and family. You will be a big part of the conversion of your friends and family! Dont be a fear to do it. Just think when your friends, family and you will be with Heavenly father in the kingdom. Prepare them, Prepare yourself for this blessings. The members are the biggest help for the missionaries. Show love to Heavely father and help the missionaries! Love you guys and Its a blessing to do this work on the Earth. I want you guys to recieve the same blessings. Love you guys! 

September 1

Well I have been in my area for 6 months and I have changes tomorrow. So I get to leave Las Margaritas. I dont know where im going. Maybe I will go back to the coast or stay in the city again or go to the mountions! I dont know! haha This week we had a baptism of Jefferson! That was great! Im saying goodbye to everyone today! Some changes are coming to my life in the mission. New companion and new area! You guys wont know till next week! 

Last friday we had a conference with President Nelson! Hes a very spiritual man! I I learned many things but my favorite thing was a different way to study. In the Spanish scriptures their is something called Guia Para El Estudio De Las Escrituras. I learned to us that more and its really great because I learned a lot these last couple of day! 

Im really grateful for the time I got to spend in Margaritas. I know I have to learn what the lord wanted me to learn here with my companion. I can truely say Im a different person. I look back to see who I was at home before the mission. I know what I have changed and Im trying my best to get become more like Christ. I know with all my heart that he is my friend and Im his friend! Im going to miss margaritas and the people. Im going to miss more my district. I really enjoy working with the district Margaritas. I dont have much to say today but I love you guys! I know with all my heart that the mission changes everyone that goes to one. The mission makes you a better person and prepares you for the future! I love you guys! 

August 25

Hola how is everyone doing. Well this week has been a blessing! Have a baptism is week! Im really example for it! Many crazy things are happening here. Guatemala is beautiful place to be! 

               My life in Guatemala. The mission is a blessing but its one of the hardest thing i have done in my life but Im so happy to be here. I will never forget this time! The Book of Mormon is true. With all my heart I say this. This book has change my life. Their is many example in the book of great men called for God. We should apply every little thing we learn for the book of Mormon. This is many things we dont know about life and the book of Mormon help us! God speaks to us! He love us and wants to be happy but we need to show our love to him by reading the scriptures everyday! The book of Mormon brings us closer to God! I know that is true because Heavenly Father and Jesus are my friends I depend on them to guide me! If someone is having a bad time in life. I know with all my heart that sharing stories of the book of Mormon will bring happiness and joy to thier lifes. I see that happiness and joy in my life and the people, we are teaching! God. I promise you guys if you want to know Heavenly Father and why Jesus Christ come to the earth read the book of Mormon. I promise that you will recieve a answer to all your questions! I know with all my Heart that Heavenly Father send Jesus to the earth to die for us because Heavenly Father loves us. Jesus died for us and his atonement is a act of love to us! So if they love us so much then what are we going to do this week to show our love to them! :) 

Love you guys with all my heart! I want you guys to get closer to Our god and Lord! With love Elder Vega. (Guatemala city central mission) 

August 18

Hey I have a lot of pictures is week to send. Yesterday we had zone pday. We went to Chimaltenango Guatemala. Its a part of the mountions of Guatemala. We went to a camp ground. It was so pretty. We played soccer their. Today Im so tried and my whole body is sore. Many things happen in Chimaltenango. When we got to Chimal i felt something different. I felt that someday I will be working there. I hope someday I can serve the people of Chimal. This week we will have some baptisms. A mom and her daughter. Their names are Garbiela and Alejandra. We are excited for that. Utah still has surprises for me. Everything week I find out something new! Crazy! All I can say that Im happy for everyone. One of my zone leaders told me I need to look great. My cloths are to big for me. So I got some new cothes that fit me well and im looking great hahah ;) Im grateful of what Jesus did for us. I know that the atonement was a act of love that Jesus did for us. He really loves every single one of us. Now think how much more love our Heavenly Father has for us to send his son to the earth and die for us. I know with all my heart that love is so big. I try everyday to apply that much love to everyone but I need to do better. I know with all my heart that this mission has done many mircles in my life all thanks to Heavenly Father. I love you guys I want the best for you. Lets all work in the Lords work! I promise it will bring happiness in your life! I know that because I feel this happiness everyday!