Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27

I have lots to say this week!! JUAN GOT BAPTIZED ON SUNDAYSunday was a really werid day and something happen that it was really werid. So on our way to Juan baptism at the skate center. We were on the bus and there was a drunk dude on the bus! He was being annoying with everyone and he started bugging me. My companion and I got of the bus and this drunk dude is following us and we started to run. Well he started to run and came up to me and he wanted to punch me. I pushed his arm off me and I started to run haha then again he was running right after us haha and again he tried to punch me. He told where are you guys going. This dude started making funny of us because we are Mormons. Then he left us. Well I almost got punched by a drunk men haha. The temple trip was last week was funny but long haha I have pictures! So my Companion Elder Govea goes home next week. On Saturday he asked president if he can go visit people from our area and say goodbye to them. So Yesterday we were to Sipacate. I returned to my first Area yesterday it was cool to see everyone again for just day but it was great! I love the mission Thanks for the Love Thats my story of the week hahaah I have lots of pictures this week, and some of the pictures are pictures of the buses here and how they look. LOVE YOU GUYS ALL ELDER VEGA

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19

So today I get to have my internet time not tomorrow haha! Tomorrow my zone is going to the Temple, Temple trip haha with my buddies the Elders of Zona Escuintla. Some great thing are happening in the Guatemala city central mission, We are preparing a young man called Juan to get baptized on Sunday, Its hot in Escuintla. So I heard that Miki got married and someone can tell her that I said hi! Last Friday I have interview with President Markham and its was so awesome, We were laughing the whole 35 minutes of that interview haha, I learn so much in that 35 mintues with President Markham. He did tell me I need to be ready for anything the Lord calls me to do! I been learning so much this week, I start to read The Book of Enos and my prayers are getting stronger and stronger! I know that im in the true church and that I shouldnt be playing with every dog I see haha I almost got bite three times this week hahaha but I did play with a cat and it bite me hahaha My mission is going to fast hahaha I want to slow down but everytime I try to slow down, Im working more haha well I love you all, Dont forget to remember the scriptures and pray, and work in the missionary work with people that home, 
like my dad!!! :)

January 13

Pday de zona yesterday and it was awesome! We went to Antigua and it was weird because there is people all around the world there! It was pilas and I bought some cool things for me! haha My week has been great, the missionary work is going. The other day for lunch I had cow feet and its has no meat. It was werid but good and yes i did get sick because of that. haha But the other day we went to a part of my area and its a little far and its called Cuytah and it reminded me of home because of the smell of cows. I was happy about that but it was long bus ride. This week I learned that we need to love everyone and show it! Moroni 7 talks about how we can reach this love for the people. If we show love, people will see why do they have so much love. They will want to know what we do. They will be more willing to listen. Keep showing love to everyone. Love you all 
I have pictures of Antigua enjoy

Friday, January 9, 2015

January 6, 2015

So I had this nice emaiil written for you guys and the power just went out so i dont have the time to rewrite all the things i wrote.. What a sad day haha  my week has been great really pilas, I been full of miracles this week! We are preparing people to come unto Christ in this month, This is the month of Miracles and I know I saw many miracles because my sister got baptized on new years haha so my familly is almost members of the true chruch!!! Just my dad is left haha hopefully it will be soon!!! sorry if my email is short now haha I know that miracles happen through our faith in Jesus Christ!!! I know that if we want to see miracles in our lifes first we need to grow our faith and study the scriptures and grow that gift from God that is the faith, read Alma 32 and we will see your faith grow!! We had high goals for our zone this month and we need our faith to be high too and miracles will happen, Our prayers help us grow our faith also! I have faith the my dad will be get baptized before my year mark!! I also need your guys faith that live by my family to grow your faith and I want to see this miracle this month, That miracle will be that my whole family will be members for the true church!!! WHO IS READY TO GROW THAT FAITH AND SEE MIRACLES HAPPEN!!! I KNOW THAT IM READY FOR THAT MIRACLES!!! I would like if everyone can read Alma 32 and plan how you will help someone seed grow in the faith of Jesus Christ!!! I KNOW YOU GUYS WILL BE BLESSED FOR IT LOVE YOU ALL

December 30

Christmas was really pilas, by the way in Guatemala pilas means awesome! On the 24th All the members we visited fed us and I couldnt eat anymore after the second visit, and I ate 8 times! That night my mission president gave all the missionaries to stay out till 12.30 by we had to be with a leader! My companion Elder Govea and I stayed at the bishops house playing games and watching everyone in the street play with fireworks! When midnight hit everyone let the fireworks go! It sounded like Guatemala was in war haha! Plus the bishop gave us more food! On the 25th was our pday and I got to talk to my family!!! MY mom and two of my sisters on  baptized that night!! Best christmas present I recieved!!! Christmas was kinda boring just sleeping in the house haha! On the 23th we had a crazy family night with lots of members and investagors!! I know that promises that Heavenly Father made me are coming true! I gave him thanks for all the blessings! I want you guys to know I love you guys and its the time to change and start our the 2015 with goals to bring more of Heavenly Father Childrens back on track! I know that you guys have friends or family members at are not members or less active! Its time to help our the missionaries to bring new people to the truth or bring back people to the truth! Dont be scared to step up and do the will of the Lord! A great example of this is Nephi when he tells his dad Lehi I will go and do what the lord has comanded!! 1 Nephi 3:7 Lets be a little be more like Nephi and step up and do the lord will! Its the TIME to bring childrens of Heavenly Father back, so they can also taste of the fruit of joy like in Lehi dream! 1 Nephi 8:12! Lets have the faith to be like Jesus Christ and bring souls unto him! Love you guys  

The Christmas miracle of my family getting baptized!

December 16

I have a new companion and his name is Elder Govea! The missionary life is so pilas, We have a baptism this Sunday and her name is Ana Consuelo Lopez and shes a single mom, She wants the best for her kids plus she knows that this is the true church, If you guys can have her in your prayers that would be so pilas! We are learning to work with the members really well! The members think that they can walk faster then me so they always want to do divions with me, and I kill them haha I love working with the members because I make them work! Plus but the time we get to each appointment they are so tried because they cant keep up with me, haha! I love the members, they always want to help with the missionary work and its cool because we are teaching the families and friends of the members! Christmas is almost here and theres no snow here in Guatemala, just sun and heat. The nights are really cold and everyone is getting sick. I have the cold and its pilas to be sick! I love the mission! We are teaching the youth to prepare for a mission and its great when they come out and work with us. I love you all and remember to keep Ana Consuelo Lopez in your prayers! 
                                                            Elder Vega

 Merry Christmas to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

december 9

CHANGES TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! I get a new companion tomorrow! Im so excited to get a new companion, this week was been great, in my ward there is a return missionary and she kinda werid because she was in Chile for her mission and there mission is so different and weird but shes been helping all, she wants to bring people back to church, so its lots of help but im kinda scared of her because she nice but she can be mean. The converts are doing great they are loving the time of christmas but christmas is so different here, THERE IS NO SNOW JUST HEAT haha, yesterday we ate lots of food with President Markham, When we were heading back to my area the bus i felt so sick cause of the food but its was soooo good!!!!  The mission is awesome right now its christmas time and more people are open to hear our message and its great to prepare more people
1st is of all the baptisms we had on nov 30th 
2nd is my zona picture with the stake president

3rd is of my district of Jacarandas