Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 27

This week been really crazy. My first week in the misión field.

Tuesday, We left the ccm and we didnt get our new campanion till Wednesday. That day we stayed with the missionaries that are in the office. They look us out to teach people. Can I say all the missionaries in the Guatemala central misión, they walk so fast. By the end of the day I was so tried. I never walked so fast up and down hils. Dogs would try to bite us. It was a scary day. I never would of thought this is how my misión is.

Wednesday. I got my campanion Elder Heslington He is from Orem Utah. I was really nevous to meet him. He is the greatest campanion so far. My first área is in the coast of Guatemala and its hot!!!!!!!!!!!! The people are poor in that área. Im so thankful for my home in Utah. I met all the members and the investagors we are teaching. The thing Im graceful for is that the coast does not have hills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThursdayThursday was a good day I met the rest of the inestagors and the less actives. Theirs a family we are teaching and She has three kids and the boys are old enough to get bastized. Her name is Emely and She wants to get bastized but she needs to get marry first. A lot of people here have families but they are not marry.
We talked to her future husband and he does not want to get marry.

Friday. Something really cool happen on Friday mornings. We got out of our house and started walking and Emelys husband came up to us and he tolds us I want to marry her. We were so surprised. It made me feel so happy. for the rest of the day our lessons went really well.

Saturday. By the way my camponion is distract leader. So we didnt have time to teach Saturday cause he had to do some Bastize interviews.

Sunday. The first sunday in my branch. We were upset that sunday cause of the investagors that promises they would come to church but didnt.
I got to speak in church. the branch is small. I think its only 20 people. The members have a big heart for us missionaries. Theirs one memeber that helps us out all the time. I love it here.

MondayMonday was p day. but we get to write everyone on Tuesday dont ask why cause i dont know. We went food shopping and the rest of the day till 5 I did pretty much nothing but write some letters and talked to Elder Heslington.

Something really cool about my misión. Guatemala Central is the only misión that contacts buses. How do we contact buses? We will get on the bus and ask the driver if we can speak. So he will say yes. We will Yell to get the attion of the people then we start "We are the missionary of la Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias and we would love to share a message how families can be forever. That we have a living Prohet. The góspel of Jesús Chirst. We would like to come and visit it you guys at your home." After we Yell at, we walk up to everyone and ask when can we visit. We get lots of new investagors that way. I love this misión and the people here. I miss my family and I love them but more my mom and dad. I hope everyone had a great week love everyone. Invite others to come unto christ.

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