Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 15

Where is the light in your life?? Today was a great day!! Im wont be write much because my sister in the district have a mini missionary and Im going to share my internet take with her!! I want you guys to think. Have you share the light of Christ this Christmas sesson?? What are you doing to recieve that light? Read Moroni 8, 25-26! I love you guys!!! I want you have to have a great christmas. Make a plan to share that light to someone else who needs it!! 

December 8

Hey eveyone this week was great week!!! I learned the importances of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. In the mission happen things that are hard to write about!!! Someday you guys will know!! I Love been a district leader to SISTERS because they teach me to change with my heart and be a better leader haha!! Well mission is great!! I love it and The Elderes and Sister in the District of Antigua are my family!! I love to bug them about not smiling. They need to smile 24/7! What a blessing to have wonderful missionaries in my district!!! Hna Correa from Mexico City made me cry last night!! I dont know why but her spirit was to strong!! Im blessed to have them in my district!! I love my mission, my mission president and Hna Markham!! Im sad that my time is coming to a end but Im dont wasting any moment that I have left!!! The mission change us missionaries through the atonement of Christ!! Im a better person! Like what my sisters in the district say, God lives and he lives!! EU

December 1

Hey everyone! Well Dec has started and the miracles are coming!!! Im really happy to here!! All I can say I have learned all of thing this last week!! The importance to have faith, hope, and Charity!! The sisters are awesome!! The Elderes are awesome! Have a week!!! I love you!! Sorry I was busy with some things!!! Love you guys!! Promise you guys I will write more!! President was in my district meeting today!! It was really great!!! I was not nervous at all haha but its was awesome and I love President and Hna Markham! They are examples to me!!! 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 24

Well I have a new son in the mission! His name is Elder Coy and he is from Coban Guatemala!!! Its been really fun traning him. Antigua is treating our sheo really great!! haha Well my sheos are fine but my companions sheo are getting a little destroyed!! Im really enjoy the mission. Today is my birthday and the whole zone Antigua got together and sing to me happy birthday! The sisters in my district bought me a small cake and toy cows haha I thought it was funny! This change we have a new focus in the Zone Antigua! is more Charity to the people and our companions. I bought a cake from my district I like thats act of Charity! haha. I saw a huge miracle. I started to do more act of love and the lord is put a baptism for us this week! This baptism came out of no where but we have a baptism!!! Act of love bring blessings and miracles!!! I have some pictures from you guys!!! Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!! 

November 17

Well the zoo was really fun but my camera broke so I dont have any pictures but I got a new camera!! Well during this week, I felt a big change in my life! I know that im getting closer to my goal of having charity for everyone! That day I felt the same feels I got when I got baptize. I felt that I was the happiness person on Earth and I shared my happiness with the sisters of my district. So they were reallly happy also!!! Im so happy with the lord! In the book of Mormon in Alma 22.18 say. Oh Dios, Aaron me ha dicho que hay un Dios, Y si hay un Dios, y si tu eres Dios, Te darías a conocer a mi? Sorry I like it better in Spanish. Its are we willing to let God know us! During my district meeting today I shared. We need to change our hearts. We need to take out the stuff in our heart that not holding us back from progressing spritual. We need to change that now!!! It was very spirtual. Even my zone leaders said that they need to change somethings. 

By the way im going to train again my third son on the mission!! Changes are on Friday because of Thanksgiving!! I will recieve my third son on Friday!!!!! haha Im excited!! Have a big Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9

Well I dont have much to say. Just that I know that God loves me!!! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. Im doing great. Im ready happy to be here. being a district leader is really fun!!! I love you guys!!! IM so sorry that this is short please dont be mad haha. Everything is great dont worry about me!! 

November 3

Well Guatemala is great! I have a cold now hahah! How are things going. Halloween was werid here. Antigua does do Halloween. Through the night a lot people tried to scare us haha! Last night I had interview with my president. We learned a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Everyone at home I have a question for you! HOW HAVE YOU GUYS APPLIED THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST IN YOUR LIFES EVERYDAY?  Think about it! Did you do the right thing? Did you help that person that needed help? Did you pray? Did you repent? Did you read the scriptures? Did you give thanks? There is many way you can apply the Atonement everyday! The Atonement brings us peace, joy, and consuelo to our lifes! I dont understand completely the Atonement but I do know that Christ to our names and paid the price of our sins! I love Alma 34. Its a great chapter that speaks about the Atonement when Amulek testifica que la palabra esta en Cristo para la Salvación. I been studing the atonement more to understand it! I been teaching my district what I have learned about the Atonement. I know with all my heart that the Atonement of Jesus Chrst brings happiness to keep going and to endure to the end! Im really happy to be a missionary! Love you guys! by the way. I will be writing on Monday next week because we are going to the zoo on Tuesday for zone pday! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

October 27

Hey everyone! How are you guys doing! I have great news Guatemala has a new president. I think and he is a comidien I dont know if i spelled right. He is a person that makes a all of jokes haha. This week one of the sisters in my district had her birthday on sunday! Im a really cool district leader and I bought her and her companion a cake. haha I thought that would be a cool story to tell you guys! Today I learned that I need to be more a excited haha well I guess I will be a more crazy now haha! I love you guys 

October 20

So I just found out were my sister is going on the mission. Shes going to  El Salvador San Salvador / Belize mission. Thats really awesome haha! Thats a great blessing in my life! Well wish her good luck! The mission is so great! 

So this week I saw some huge blessings, So we found this man on Saturday night at 8:50 Pm. He came to church the next day! Now hes getting prepared for baptism! Something happen on Friday! We were working with some members and they took us to one of your friends! She came to church and now she getting ready for baptism! Im seeing a lot of blessing! Im so happy. 

Yesterday on our pday. In the house we live four missionaries. We cleaned the house. The house is clean and very clean. We have a pila in our house and we were filling it up with water and I forget the it was filling the pila and the water started to over flow and we had a clean up all the water that got on the floor of the house!!! Then after cleaning the house we went to the coolest restaunt in Antigua Luna de Miel!!! look it up in the internet! Its awesome! it was yummy too! Sorry I didnt take pictures because it rained all day yesterday!!!! Love you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 13

This week has been the bomb! My companion Elder Trimnal and I are staying again in Antigua as companions. One of my sisters in my district is leaving but I know shes a great missionary!

Miracles of the week. So this sunday we have a 100% of retenion with all our new converts! That was a great feeling we have. This week my zone leaders gave the greatest referencia. This family is so cool the husband is from Belgium! Hes member but his family is not, so We are so happy to teach them! Aracely is the wife and she is from Nicaragua! We are working like beast haha here in Antigua! I been really tried but so happy! Love you guys! have a great week!

October 6

This week was a blast. We had a baptism!! Of Rebeca Monteroso! Really exciting. Great way to end Conference week with a baptism! 

So Conference!! I learned so much that im already apply in my life. I love how they all talked about putting trust in the lord. I testify if you put all our trust in the lord. We will see blessings not small blessings big blessings! I am apply the weekly scripture ponering! Im ponering 1 Nefi 8:24. Y sucedió que vi a otros que se adelantaban, y llegaron y se asieron del extremo de la barra de hierro, y avanzaron a través del vapor de tinieblas, asidos a la barra de hierro, hasta que llegaron y participaron de fruto del árbol.  I really enjoyed conferencia. I know will all my heart that God calls all his servantes to learn not because they are awesome. Its because they need to learn something. Thats how its works in the mission. We are not called to be district or zone leaders because we are awesome its because we need to learn and change. I know with all my heart that I been called for God to learn from my district and change what I need to change. 

Yesterday we had distrct pday. Its was great. we started out with. We went to the market and we needed to buy the weridest thing for the cheapest price. I lost that haha by one quetzal! Then we went up this big hill called El Zerro de la cruz!  took pictures. After we went to a members house and made pizza!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8

Last Wednesday we had changes  CAMBIOS. My new compion is Elder Trimnal and his from North Carolina. Im in the area that every missionary wishes to be!!!!!! IM IN.................. are you guys ready to know where im in? Im in ANTIGUA GUATEMALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in the most beautiful area of the mission. Up in the mountains. Let me tell ya Anitgua is so great the members here are cool! I love it here. I love my companion too!! Im still district leader of the sisters of Ciudad Vieja and the Elders of Alontengo. Im so excited to be here!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel that im home and I know that the people here are different then the city. I know there is brothers and sisters here that I promised  I would love and bring back to Heavenly Father!! 

Have you guys thought this question. How am I showing love to Father in Heaven? The answer shouldnt be Pray, studying, or church. Im going to share what I think everyone should being doing to show love to Father in Heaven. 

Going to the temple and visiting him. Its is home and he lives there. We also should visit his children that are less active and bring them back. do serve to the children of Heavenly Father. Understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Family nights. Keep his commandments and there is a lot of our things. We can show our love! Im so happy to be here. Living the gospel is the greatest way to show love to Heavenly Father and be a example to the world. The world today is different and need to show that we are different and are getting guided by God. I know with all my heart that missionary work with bring happiness to your lifes. Do it, its a blessing. Try it I promise you, you will be happy and the lord needs you guys and only missionaries and are set apart to do it. We are all missionaries in the lords work. He the missionaries around you guys! Give them your friends and family. You will be a big part of the conversion of your friends and family! Dont be a fear to do it. Just think when your friends, family and you will be with Heavenly father in the kingdom. Prepare them, Prepare yourself for this blessings. The members are the biggest help for the missionaries. Show love to Heavely father and help the missionaries! Love you guys and Its a blessing to do this work on the Earth. I want you guys to recieve the same blessings. Love you guys! 

September 1

Well I have been in my area for 6 months and I have changes tomorrow. So I get to leave Las Margaritas. I dont know where im going. Maybe I will go back to the coast or stay in the city again or go to the mountions! I dont know! haha This week we had a baptism of Jefferson! That was great! Im saying goodbye to everyone today! Some changes are coming to my life in the mission. New companion and new area! You guys wont know till next week! 

Last friday we had a conference with President Nelson! Hes a very spiritual man! I I learned many things but my favorite thing was a different way to study. In the Spanish scriptures their is something called Guia Para El Estudio De Las Escrituras. I learned to us that more and its really great because I learned a lot these last couple of day! 

Im really grateful for the time I got to spend in Margaritas. I know I have to learn what the lord wanted me to learn here with my companion. I can truely say Im a different person. I look back to see who I was at home before the mission. I know what I have changed and Im trying my best to get become more like Christ. I know with all my heart that he is my friend and Im his friend! Im going to miss margaritas and the people. Im going to miss more my district. I really enjoy working with the district Margaritas. I dont have much to say today but I love you guys! I know with all my heart that the mission changes everyone that goes to one. The mission makes you a better person and prepares you for the future! I love you guys! 

August 25

Hola how is everyone doing. Well this week has been a blessing! Have a baptism is week! Im really example for it! Many crazy things are happening here. Guatemala is beautiful place to be! 

               My life in Guatemala. The mission is a blessing but its one of the hardest thing i have done in my life but Im so happy to be here. I will never forget this time! The Book of Mormon is true. With all my heart I say this. This book has change my life. Their is many example in the book of great men called for God. We should apply every little thing we learn for the book of Mormon. This is many things we dont know about life and the book of Mormon help us! God speaks to us! He love us and wants to be happy but we need to show our love to him by reading the scriptures everyday! The book of Mormon brings us closer to God! I know that is true because Heavenly Father and Jesus are my friends I depend on them to guide me! If someone is having a bad time in life. I know with all my heart that sharing stories of the book of Mormon will bring happiness and joy to thier lifes. I see that happiness and joy in my life and the people, we are teaching! God. I promise you guys if you want to know Heavenly Father and why Jesus Christ come to the earth read the book of Mormon. I promise that you will recieve a answer to all your questions! I know with all my Heart that Heavenly Father send Jesus to the earth to die for us because Heavenly Father loves us. Jesus died for us and his atonement is a act of love to us! So if they love us so much then what are we going to do this week to show our love to them! :) 

Love you guys with all my heart! I want you guys to get closer to Our god and Lord! With love Elder Vega. (Guatemala city central mission) 

August 18

Hey I have a lot of pictures is week to send. Yesterday we had zone pday. We went to Chimaltenango Guatemala. Its a part of the mountions of Guatemala. We went to a camp ground. It was so pretty. We played soccer their. Today Im so tried and my whole body is sore. Many things happen in Chimaltenango. When we got to Chimal i felt something different. I felt that someday I will be working there. I hope someday I can serve the people of Chimal. This week we will have some baptisms. A mom and her daughter. Their names are Garbiela and Alejandra. We are excited for that. Utah still has surprises for me. Everything week I find out something new! Crazy! All I can say that Im happy for everyone. One of my zone leaders told me I need to look great. My cloths are to big for me. So I got some new cothes that fit me well and im looking great hahah ;) Im grateful of what Jesus did for us. I know that the atonement was a act of love that Jesus did for us. He really loves every single one of us. Now think how much more love our Heavenly Father has for us to send his son to the earth and die for us. I know with all my heart that love is so big. I try everyday to apply that much love to everyone but I need to do better. I know with all my heart that this mission has done many mircles in my life all thanks to Heavenly Father. I love you guys I want the best for you. Lets all work in the Lords work! I promise it will bring happiness in your life! I know that because I feel this happiness everyday! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11

Well Im surprised with all that is happening at home in Utah. One years has gone by, me here in Guatemala and A LOT OF THINGS ARE CHANGING IN UTAH. HAHAH Let me tell ya im in shocking hahah. Well going back to Guatemala. I have some news, we had a baptism this week. Im so happy to see anyother daughter of Heavenly Father start her journey back to his present. I know that the lord is happy with her baptism. Today during the district meeting I was teaching about Paciencia. This is one of my favorite Atributos of Christ and I think its one of the hardest to get too. I know everyday in the mission our paciencia is getting tested. I know that the lord wants everyone to learn this atributo of paciencia because it will come in handy in our lifes. Its hard tho haha. Something different I did during the district meeting was test the level of paciencia my district has. They didnt like it haha. So in the district I have my campanion and the sisters. I did my district meeting in English. My English has got bad by the way haha. I love the words of Presidnte Thomas S. Monson when he talks about paciencia "La vida esta llena de dificultades, algunas mas penosas que otras. Parecería que hay una infinidad de pruebas para todos.  El problema es que muchas veces esperamos soluciones instantáneas para las dificultades, olvidando que frecuentemente es necesario que pongamos en practica la virtud celestial de la paciencia." I know with all my heart that Jesus Christ lives. Im so happy to be here in Guatemala. I have zone conference tomorrow and IM really to learn and apply it in my live. I love the mision. The mission has changed my life and Im happy with who I am. Im a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. Im proud to me Mormon! 

August 4

Well I can say that im really happy to been here. My year mark is on Thursday how sad the time is going by to fast but Im really happy to here in Guatemala. This week was a week of pain. I have really bad stomach pain for three days. That hurt haha the pain made me cry on Sunday haha. I feel better. This week we have a baptism on Friday! Some more baptism to come this month! I know that Agosto is going to be a month of mircales because I know it!! haha. 

Sometime life isnt easy. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. I can tell you guys with all my heart that Im getting to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This year has been one year full of miracles. I have changed a lot because I got to know Heavenly Father. I wanted that change. I still want to charge some for. Someday I will need to apply everything I have been learning and the things im learning right now. I can tell you that everyday we learn something new. Im kinda sad that I only have a year left but theres a lot of things I need to do for Heavenly Father in this year. I know with his help. Everything will be alright. I dont want to leave Guatemala. Im enjoying my mission! I know with all my heart that I have seen miracles in my life and I have done miracles too that I will never forget. A mission is the time to show Heavely Father how much you love him. If we enjoy working for the Lord many blessings come. I can promise you guys at home. If you can enjoy the blessings that Heavenly Father has promised us but doing something for our friends and family. Invite them to come to church. Dont be a fear to share you testimony with any one. Blessings come. I love you guys with all my heart!! This is Elder Vega. Im working on the lords side! Love ya

July 28

Today two years ago I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sants!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you that im so happy that im a member of the church of Jesus Christ. It has not been easy. I went through a lot of things that were not easy that first year of being a members. Thank you for everyone that was there to help me through those problems. I will tell you being a member of the true church is not easy. Till today I go through a lot of problems. People that dont want to listen to us and many other things but I am so happy because I know someday I will live with my family and the families a got to meet in Guatemala in the presence of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father has blessed my family big time. During these two year I have seen that biggest blessing in my live. I never thought it would come so fast and its my family almost my family are members of the church! I have felt its spirit in my missionary life everyday! I have learned to trust him and everything will go well. I learned that importance of being a example to others. Im not the greatest example but I try to change someones life everyday. I have learned that importance of having a family por toda las etrenias!!!!!!! I give thanks to my mission President. President Markham for that love me gives guys. For Showing us the importance of families. Someday I will have my own family and for the spiritual things im learning I will take my own family in the path to live with Heavely Father! Everyday I see the blessings in my life and other people lifes. I can truely tell you these two years have marked my life forever. I know what I want for my family and I! I feel that Jesus is cleaning me with is atonement everyday! This has been the greatest two years of my life and many years of problems are coming but I can say that I know where is my trust and everything will be ok because Heavenly Father has angel watching me. Thank you! Elder Vega loves you guys!!!!!!!! 

July 21

One of the sisters of my district finishes here mission tomorrow. I can tell you I learned a lot from here. I learned to love my district. Im stilling in my area again. I love Margaritas haha Im going to be into for 6 months what a blessing! This week was really great. We are preparing our minds to baptize the children of God this coming weeks. I feel that my zone leaders really love us and I feel great what a blessing. I know that this mission is the best in the world. Im still changing. Im still lossing weight. I dont know how Im doing it haha. This week I have two compaions. My companion Elder Mendieta but I also have Elder Rodriguez from Panama! Let me tell ya its different having three elderes working together. Its really fun I love it! Its something I will get us to. I really feel the love of our Jesus in our companionship. its not easy but I feel the love! Love you guys always do your best to help bring people unto Christ! Many blessings come! 

July 15

We went to the Temple yesterday. Sorry I didnt write yesterday. haha the funny thing. I have been sick from my stomach of the last two days. During the ride to the temple I was so sick. haha I think Taco bell made me sick. haha. The temple was so pretty. Our president came with us yesterday. I know that lord loves us. I cant tell you what happen during the temple but I know I got answers to my prayers. I felt so happy. Dont worry we took pictures. This week has be a great week even tho im still sick but Im happy. My mission is the best thing in my life. I have learned that importances of keeping mis convenos I have made with Heavenly Father. I know every time I keep them I see a blessing in my investagores or my life. I know that there is things I still have to change. The lord puts trails in our life so we can change and become more like him. Guatemala city central mission is my life. Is where I need to be at and I dont want to leave. I love the changes I had made with the help of the Lord. How are you guys doing? I just to invite you guys to do something for the missionaries in your ward. The life of a missionary is not easy but make them feel important to you. I invite you guys to bring a friend to church is sunday. a investagor or a recent convert or a less active member. I know God with bless you. Love ya! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7

A week full of blessings. I saw the lords love this week. I can't write what I feel this week because I don't have words to explain it. It was so powerful. In the mission Guatemala city central in the zone El Frutal. We are focusing on baptizing families. We are working really hard on those families of Heavenly Father. We have three families we are teaching and preparing them to make convenios with Heavenly Father. Everyday has gone by and I felt the spirit more and more everyday! All I can say that I love the spirit because I feel my heart changing. Wow I have changed so much in a 11 months on the mission. I give thanks for everyone that made my dream of being a missionary come true. I love you guys. I hope you guys know that nothing bad has happen to me in the mission. Sometimes its great sometimes is hard and upsetting but I know that Im were I need to be. These two years are changing my life forever. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that we are all loved from Heavenly Father and Christ. We need all to learn how to use the atonement in our lifes. My heart has changed. I love the mission. I know someday you guys will get to see the changes in my life. I cant stop telling you guys how much I love Guatemala. Its my second home.! Yesterday was district pday. I have a Hermana that loves to buy. Her name is Hna Lopez. Her companion Hna Mejia say that everytime Hna Lopez goes shopping, Hna Mejia has to buy to because Hna Lopez temps her to buy. Im going to the temple on Tuesday and before we are going Ihop first then the temple. 

June 30

Well this week has been a realy great week. I know with all my heart that the church is true. This week I learned that Heavenly Father loves to bless us. We had a baptism. Greatest feeling. I really love my mission. Last week we got to meet a 70. Elder Alonso. It was great time. I felt the spirit when Elder Alonso told us. Its your time to share what your feeling. After couple of the missionaries shared wonderful things about the mission. The spirit told me to share my life on the mission and the blessings that I have recieved. I love to share the biggest bless I got during the mision is when my family became members of the Church of Jesus Christ. That the biggest blessing in my life. I love to see the investagores change their lives and follow Christ. I know someday that my family and I will go to the temple. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he loves us. Our faith brings us closer to him. I love the Book of Mormon for those great men that have the faith to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the times of the Book of Mormon. I love the mission. I love everyone of you guys. Keep the the great work and remember to bring others unto Christ. 

June 23

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing. Im doing great. Its hot here in Guatemala it stopped raining for a week and next week the rain and the roads full of water will be back. The roads get full of water and that water comes up above my knees. haha its fun to be wet all day! This week has been a werid one but its been a blessing. We are going to have a baptism this Saturday. Of a young man called Garbiel Oscal. I love the mission. Can someone do me a favor and sloooooow down the time becuse time is going to fast and I dont want to come to my year mark but the cool thing is that my two year mark of being a member is coming really soon. The day that changed my life! I love it. Sorry its email will be short because I have some others things to do but I love you guys and The lord loves each one of you guys! I have some proof that its rains alot here in Guatemala and that the roads get full of water. Some person took a picture of us walking in the water and my bishop found the picture on facebook and hey guess us that picture. The werid thing was that I didnt know someone took a picture of my companion and I. 

June 16

Today I have the greatest district meeting and also pratices with traveling asistentes. Today I learned why we are more in the mission Guatemala city central. Today I knew that my works here are going to become blessings to my life. The lord was told my mission President. How can we do more. We need to find the needs of all the investagores in the first five mintures of the first lesson and focus on that need. I dont know why but I feel that one of the greatest things in my life its starting today. I feel the spirit so strong right now. I know that the Lord is blessing all of us but my family is getting one of the bestest blessings really soon. I still dont know what that blessing is but I know I will be here in Guatemala when they get it. I love the mission so much. I love Elder Mendieta my companion. I love the lord because he gave me the changes to learn so much form this district he put trust in me to lead! Yo testifico that we can learn a lot from our missionaries. There is two Elders I really love here on the mission. They are my old zone leaders. Elder Campos from Costa Rica and Elder Roney from Provo Utah. These two missionaries are more then my best friends they are my brothers. They are examples to me. Im sorry for that I'm going to say but I know that the lord loves every single one of us but the best mission of the world is Guatemala Central. Sorry for my little pride. haha. I love you guys. Yo testifico that Im a new person not the same old person I was better the mission. The lord has blessed me and keeps blessing me. Im Elder Vega and I'm a missionary of Jesus Christ. 

June 9

Sorry for last week. I couldnt send out my message. Guess what I dont have changes this change. I get to stay in Margaritas with my companion but my district has changes. I will getting a new sister the District Margaritas/Petapa. Excited I wont know till tomorrow. Im excited to finish my companions training. This week has been great. We have some great investagores. The mission is working really hard. The people in the city are a little more hard then in the coast. Sometimes I miss the coast but I know the lord put me here for a reason and he has not tooken me out because I still have work to do here in Margaritas. I have learned something really cool about my President. He told me the other day. We are a little more but we can do a little more. That made me think like a member of the church. We are a little more because we have the only true gospel on earth. We can do a little more. Yes we can do more like bring people unto Christ. Is it easy? No its not easy but we feel the power of the Holy Ghost and our friends and family members feel that Spirit. I promise you guys if you left your confort zone. You will feel the power of the Holy Ghost. As Members of the Church of Jesus Christ we need to have a Spiritual expirence every week but as missionaries of the church we need to have one everyday. Its really important of us Missionaries to do the will of the lord. I know with all my heart if you left the confort zone. You will have the spirit of The Lord and the spirit will touch the people you guys help hearts. There is always something we can change. If you guys want to feel the spirit more. Put more time on the scriptures. Do prayers of Faith. Read Preach my Gospel in Chapter 4. It tells about the prayers of faith. The most important thing to feel the spirit is to live El dia de Reposo. Sundays have to be a different day then the others. I promise you guys if you do these things. You will feel the Spirit of the lord.

Monday, June 1, 2015

May 27

Sorry I didnt write yesterday I had to go to the captial with my companion! Guess what we did for our Pday of Zona. WE WENT TO ANTIGUA again. hahaha Great time! This week has rained ALOT MORE THEN WHAT YOU GUYS ARE GETTING IN UTAH. It starts raining at 2 in the afternoon and its does not stop till 10 at night. So my poor feet are cold and they look ugly! hahah. I know that my life has change. I love it. The church has change my life but the mission has distroy me haha it keep distroying me but its making me a better person. I got to suffer with love right! I know if we suffer with love, everything turns out great! My mission president tells us all the time pain is our best friend because we learn of it! Dont worry I dont have pain. I tressure this time on my mission because it has done so much for me. The mission is still making me more skinny but I stll eat lot. I seen the lords hand in my life. I know that he is preparing heart to come unto Christ. I know if I obey every rule I get. My promises with come true! I love the knowlegde I have on the Book of Mormon I love back a year and 10 months from to day when I got baptized. I didnt know anything about the church. Now I know a lot. I can truely say YO SOY UN REPENSENTATE DE JESUCRISTO Y YO ESTOY AQUI PARA CAMBIAR VIVAS Y MI VIVA. YO AMO A MI SALVADOR JESUCRISTO. YO AMO A GUATEMALA Y TODAS LAS PROBLEMAS QUE VIEN A MI. YO SE QUE JESUCRISTO VIVE Y EL LES AMA. Never forget to help someone else come unto christ. Its not only the missionaries work to bring people to christ, its also your responabily to do missionary work love you guys!

May 19

The rain is here in Guatemala. We had a great wedding on Saturday! Juan and Jennifer got married and Baptized! Im so happy that they put their faith and hope on the Lord and now they are getting blessed for their acts! I love the lord. I know that my family is getting blessed for everyday I get rained on. Juan told me something about his baptism. "When I go into the water its was really cold but the moment I got out was fulled with the spirit that my heart started to burn inside me." I know with all my heart that the lord is preparing people because his coming is coming. I love the mission even though sometimes its hard but its pilas the feeling you get when you come to your house and your so tried and all you want is to sleep but you cant because you got other things to do! That the greatest feeling there this. I know that Jesus lives and he is my light and happiness to my days. Heavenly father has gave me a lovely home here in Guatemala. I will never forget this place. I enjoy every second here. I want to say thank you for everyone that helped me get there on the best two years of my life. I will never forget eachone of you guys. Love you with all my heart.  

May 12

Im not prepare to get married after my mission! hahahaha Its not easy planning for a wedding! So these week on Saturday at 4 our investagores are getting married and baptized on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me tell ya guys its not easy to plan a wedding. It gaves you some stress.. Its a great blessing though because I will be prepare for my wedding in a while! Guess what Thats not the only wedding My companion and I are planning, we have another one wedding on the 30th. More blessings!! I love it thought because it shows our faith like Alma says in Alma 32:21 Y ahora bien, como decia concerniente a la fe. La fe no es tener un conocimiento perfecto de las cosas, de modo que si teneis fe, teneis experanza en cosas que no se ven, y que son verdaderas. Sorry I only know it in Spanish! I have faith that I showing my love to the Lord by bring people to him! I love everything Im doing! The time is going pass by to fast. Im almost to a year on this path that brings so much happiness to my life! I know that this is the true Church! I am a missionary of Jesus Christ! I know that the mission is preparing to be a great Father someday! I love you guys! On Sunday We got to work with the Traveling Asistentes! The awesome thing is that My mission father is one of the Traveling Asistentes. Elder Heslington! I love him


Well Hello everyone! How am I doing? Im loving the mission!!! I have a baptism this sunday after stake conference! I have a awesome story! On Sunday we have a family of investagors! Alan is the man of the family. He told that they agreed to get baptized on May 31th as a family! He told me his plans for this Sunday. After Stake conference hes going to ask his wife for her hand in marrage! The best part about it there will be a lot of people watching this!! Hopefullly he doesnt chicken out!! haha Im really excited to see family Herrera get baptized and a year after they will go to the temple and be a family forever! Thats not only family Elder Mendieta and I have, we are also baptizing another family on the 17th! I been seeing mircles in my area! By the way I have a new companion his name is Elder Mendieta and his from Peru! City of Lima! His really cool! and I love him! What makes me so happy that this children of Heavenly Father are coming closer to him! I still have so much faith that my family will become a family forever! I still have hope and faith that my dad with get baptized someday! Thats why im working really hard so that Heavenly Father can give me that blessing that my dad can get baptized! I really love my mission! I know it has changed me! I know that the book of Mormon is true with all my heart! Im reading right now my favorite part of the whole book, the part of captin Moroni! I like to apply what Moroni did in his life with the district the lord put me in charge of! I know that this wonderful district is looking upon me to be a example to them and love them! I love every misionary in this mission! I love my friends that are a example to me! Love you guys ! 

April 28

Hey tomorrow I get my new companion! Guess what I get to train again because hes a new missionary! Dayana Gil got baptized! I have a family baptism on the 17th of May and I might have another family baptism in May also dont know when yet! Im really happy here in Margaritas and I have a cool! Everything is great! I love the mission! I great stories for you guys but to long to write and not enough time to do it! Im really loving the work of the lord! I get a new companion tomorrow! 
Heres some pictures of the baptism, the members, of the district Margaritas, and the sisters in the district.

April 21

These last two weeks be really worry! Last monday My companion had changes I dont know why he left but its was werid because we wont ready for that! So my companion has be a mini missionary but he got sick and sent home. So I got another mini missionary! I wont be getting a Elder companion till next Wedesday in change meeting!! CAMBIOS next week! Dayana Gil didnt get baptized because she like cafe! So I have to get her some Mormon Cafe called Morcafa! Its a cafe made out of Wheat! So this Sunday she gets baptized! Last week My mini missionary and I found this super prepared family! They have family members that got baptized couple weeks ago but my frist companion Elder Heslington I love that Elder! This family is pilas and They agreed to be baptized on the 17th of May. So their wedding is the 16th of May!! Yesterday this family scared me and i was really up set! Their names are jennifer and Juan. Jennifer calls me and tells me. Elder Vega Im not get baptized anymore and I dont love Juan! I was like what happen. They got in a little fight. So 45 minutes later Juan calls me and tells me what time is the family night? They told me they still want to get baptized and married! I was really happy but in that 45 minutes I was like Satan what did you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord answered my prayers! I still have a future family baptism and Im really happy! Thats my great story for the week! I love the mission! This mission has changed me and I love it! GUATEMALA IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE!  

April 14

Hey winter weather is coming to Guatemala so the means the rain will be here soon and I will be wet everyday for 6 months! I love my area las Margaritas the people here are awesome! We have a baptism this sunday and her name is Dayana Gil its the sister of our last baptism! We are also preparing a family to get baptize but first they need to get married and they are willing to get married and baptized. Im every excited for all this! Im really happy that Im finding micales in my mission! We have interviews with my President last week. President Markham tell me! You are doing great! The lord knows your doing everything the best you can and hes proud of you! Then we got talking about the Household of faith that was awesome I would like to tell you everything about the Household of faith but thats only for me! Before the interview was over President tells me. After the mission you need to start looking for the young lady that you want to be with forever! He told Elder Vega your going to be a great leader in the church but to have these blessings you need to find that person that will support you with your duties! So all the Elderes since conference they are making goals to get married now its funny and awesome! I know I need to focus on my mission and pray to Heavenly Father for the young lady that will support me because Im willing to support her in anything! That was a pilas interview with President Markham! 

April 7

Hey guys. How are you guys doing?? Well this was another great week. Yesterday was one of the greatest day of my whole mission! Yesterday was district Pday!! The sisters,my companion and I made brownies in the bishops house!! Dont worry Im still a kid and I made a big mess of Flour because one of the sister Hermana Castanon hit me with flour in my face. My face was white and dont worry I got pictures. Like I said im still a kid and I got back at her and fulled a plate full of flour and dump it all over her face and dont worry I have pictures of her face also!!! Then we watched Emma Smith the Movie and that was really great!! Emma went though alot with Joseph Smith. My area is great. I love the work and I love this mission yesterday was my 8th month on the mission! Im so happy to be here!! The talks of General Conference were great!!! Saturday they talked alot about marriage! it was funny because all the missionaries that know English went to a room to listen to it in English! The missionaries about to go home were making their plans to get marry after their mission! So for who ever is going for a Husband. This missionaries are pilas and most of them live Utah!! hahahahah I love Conference!!! 
Heres all my new pictures and the sister in my district took my camera and took lots of pictures but dont worry I will send them all!!!  

Monday, April 6, 2015

March 31

Well Another week passed by to fast. We are working with a Family. We will soon have a baptism of a Family!!!!!!!!!!!! The only problem is that they are scared to get married. 
   On Thursday we were working really hard and my mission president calls me. When a mission president calls its like. What did I do!!!???? I was a little scared. he tolds me Elder Vega how are you? He can tell that im a little scared. couple days before I was having some problems. I dont know why My president knew that I was going through and called me. I really needed that call. Since that call I know that the lord will answer our prayers. I knew The lord used my Mission President to make me feel better. I love the mission but its not always easy. The lord will always answer the prayers. I love my mission President. President Markham. I love my area Las Margaritas even tho its cold and freezing here haha. Sometimes I want to go back to the coast but this is where the lord needs me!! So I will freeze. Thank you guys for loving me. I love you guys!! 

March 24

Hey can I tell you that I love the Mission!!!!!!!! We had a baptism on sunday of a young men named Efren Gil. These kid has big plans to serve a mission in two years. Today in district meeting the most spiritual moment. We are doing a practice of how to work with the members. My companion was the member working with the sisters missionaries. I was the investagor of the practice. Well let me tell you that I felt that I was again in the Gibson"s house when Sister Despain and Sister waters invited me to church. I started to crying in the practice. I told the sisters in the district why I was crying. Guys I love being here in Guatemala. I dont want the mission to end. Can someone tell my family Im staying here!! I love the people! I love every missionary in the district! I truely love my companion. I know I have more responsablies here now because if something happens to the sisters in the district. I die! I love it!!! Thank you for the support and I love you guys. Hey keep reading the Book of Mormon!  I know La Iglesia de Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias is the only true church here on Earth!!! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

March 19

Hey I had Changes on Tuesday! Im in a new area! Guess what im not training anymore but im a new DISTRICT LEADER!!!! I love doing the Lord will!! I never thought I would be a district leader! So I was in the coast but now im in the city! its crazy and im freezing in my area its cold here!! I have a new companion his name is Elder Andino from Honduras! My second companion from Honduras! I love him! In the district Las Margaritas We have two sisters from Mexico. Hermana Lopez and Hermana Castanon. They are awesome! I miss training tho but thats ok! We have a baptism is Sunday!!!!!!!!!! This young men is pilas! Yesterday was the greatest day of my life. Why?? Because I got to shake Elder Anderson hand! I got to shake a hand of one of the 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His talk was so awesome and I feel the sprit so strong! He answered that questions I need answered! I love the mission so much!! I love the people and almost my visidistrict! Thanks for everyone who help me get here! I love you guys!!! 

The picture is of my My companion! 

March 10

March 10
This week was great. It was really hard week. When this kind of weeks come the best thing to have is Paciencia  with everything and always have a great pray in your heart asking Heavenly Father for the help! This I learned that Heavenly Father listen to us. This last week could be one of the hardest I had but Im really happy  for it. My companion is doing great!! Yesterday was zone pday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess where we went!! Antigua Guatemala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really beautiful again!!! Hope is something we all need to have because Heavenly Father has hope on us that everytime we get a calling at church. He wants us to do the very best we can to make fruits come out of our calling. As Missionary we need to have hope in everything. Hope on the people that will listen to us and that they will keep doing the right things to progress there progress to the waters of Baptism. The focus of our mission is to baptize and keep families. We dont only baptize but we also keep them from going into less active members. Hope is the keep word to our faith. Faith and Hope means we have pure love of Christ. We need to be obediente to our callings. Always have hope. 
By the way next week I wont be writing till Thursday because the change meeting is on Tuesday and On Wedusday we have a conference with Elder Anderson of the 12.