Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11

Well Im surprised with all that is happening at home in Utah. One years has gone by, me here in Guatemala and A LOT OF THINGS ARE CHANGING IN UTAH. HAHAH Let me tell ya im in shocking hahah. Well going back to Guatemala. I have some news, we had a baptism this week. Im so happy to see anyother daughter of Heavenly Father start her journey back to his present. I know that the lord is happy with her baptism. Today during the district meeting I was teaching about Paciencia. This is one of my favorite Atributos of Christ and I think its one of the hardest to get too. I know everyday in the mission our paciencia is getting tested. I know that the lord wants everyone to learn this atributo of paciencia because it will come in handy in our lifes. Its hard tho haha. Something different I did during the district meeting was test the level of paciencia my district has. They didnt like it haha. So in the district I have my campanion and the sisters. I did my district meeting in English. My English has got bad by the way haha. I love the words of Presidnte Thomas S. Monson when he talks about paciencia "La vida esta llena de dificultades, algunas mas penosas que otras. Parecería que hay una infinidad de pruebas para todos.  El problema es que muchas veces esperamos soluciones instantáneas para las dificultades, olvidando que frecuentemente es necesario que pongamos en practica la virtud celestial de la paciencia." I know with all my heart that Jesus Christ lives. Im so happy to be here in Guatemala. I have zone conference tomorrow and IM really to learn and apply it in my live. I love the mision. The mission has changed my life and Im happy with who I am. Im a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. Im proud to me Mormon! 

August 4

Well I can say that im really happy to been here. My year mark is on Thursday how sad the time is going by to fast but Im really happy to here in Guatemala. This week was a week of pain. I have really bad stomach pain for three days. That hurt haha the pain made me cry on Sunday haha. I feel better. This week we have a baptism on Friday! Some more baptism to come this month! I know that Agosto is going to be a month of mircales because I know it!! haha. 

Sometime life isnt easy. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. I can tell you guys with all my heart that Im getting to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This year has been one year full of miracles. I have changed a lot because I got to know Heavenly Father. I wanted that change. I still want to charge some for. Someday I will need to apply everything I have been learning and the things im learning right now. I can tell you that everyday we learn something new. Im kinda sad that I only have a year left but theres a lot of things I need to do for Heavenly Father in this year. I know with his help. Everything will be alright. I dont want to leave Guatemala. Im enjoying my mission! I know with all my heart that I have seen miracles in my life and I have done miracles too that I will never forget. A mission is the time to show Heavely Father how much you love him. If we enjoy working for the Lord many blessings come. I can promise you guys at home. If you can enjoy the blessings that Heavenly Father has promised us but doing something for our friends and family. Invite them to come to church. Dont be a fear to share you testimony with any one. Blessings come. I love you guys with all my heart!! This is Elder Vega. Im working on the lords side! Love ya

July 28

Today two years ago I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Sants!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you that im so happy that im a member of the church of Jesus Christ. It has not been easy. I went through a lot of things that were not easy that first year of being a members. Thank you for everyone that was there to help me through those problems. I will tell you being a member of the true church is not easy. Till today I go through a lot of problems. People that dont want to listen to us and many other things but I am so happy because I know someday I will live with my family and the families a got to meet in Guatemala in the presence of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father has blessed my family big time. During these two year I have seen that biggest blessing in my live. I never thought it would come so fast and its my family almost my family are members of the church! I have felt its spirit in my missionary life everyday! I have learned to trust him and everything will go well. I learned that importance of being a example to others. Im not the greatest example but I try to change someones life everyday. I have learned that importance of having a family por toda las etrenias!!!!!!! I give thanks to my mission President. President Markham for that love me gives guys. For Showing us the importance of families. Someday I will have my own family and for the spiritual things im learning I will take my own family in the path to live with Heavely Father! Everyday I see the blessings in my life and other people lifes. I can truely tell you these two years have marked my life forever. I know what I want for my family and I! I feel that Jesus is cleaning me with is atonement everyday! This has been the greatest two years of my life and many years of problems are coming but I can say that I know where is my trust and everything will be ok because Heavenly Father has angel watching me. Thank you! Elder Vega loves you guys!!!!!!!! 

July 21

One of the sisters of my district finishes here mission tomorrow. I can tell you I learned a lot from here. I learned to love my district. Im stilling in my area again. I love Margaritas haha Im going to be into for 6 months what a blessing! This week was really great. We are preparing our minds to baptize the children of God this coming weeks. I feel that my zone leaders really love us and I feel great what a blessing. I know that this mission is the best in the world. Im still changing. Im still lossing weight. I dont know how Im doing it haha. This week I have two compaions. My companion Elder Mendieta but I also have Elder Rodriguez from Panama! Let me tell ya its different having three elderes working together. Its really fun I love it! Its something I will get us to. I really feel the love of our Jesus in our companionship. its not easy but I feel the love! Love you guys always do your best to help bring people unto Christ! Many blessings come! 

July 15

We went to the Temple yesterday. Sorry I didnt write yesterday. haha the funny thing. I have been sick from my stomach of the last two days. During the ride to the temple I was so sick. haha I think Taco bell made me sick. haha. The temple was so pretty. Our president came with us yesterday. I know that lord loves us. I cant tell you what happen during the temple but I know I got answers to my prayers. I felt so happy. Dont worry we took pictures. This week has be a great week even tho im still sick but Im happy. My mission is the best thing in my life. I have learned that importances of keeping mis convenos I have made with Heavenly Father. I know every time I keep them I see a blessing in my investagores or my life. I know that there is things I still have to change. The lord puts trails in our life so we can change and become more like him. Guatemala city central mission is my life. Is where I need to be at and I dont want to leave. I love the changes I had made with the help of the Lord. How are you guys doing? I just to invite you guys to do something for the missionaries in your ward. The life of a missionary is not easy but make them feel important to you. I invite you guys to bring a friend to church is sunday. a investagor or a recent convert or a less active member. I know God with bless you. Love ya!