Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 19

This week was one of the greatest with Miracles!! This week we had 8 investagores come to church!!! We will have a baptism of a family in couple weeks!!! Im so happy to see the success of the zone Antigua!! The missionaries in the zone are all excited!! Its been a great time here!!! What a blessings to be a missionary in Antigua!! Pday was really fun yestersday!! We went to Luna de Miel!! Best food here in Antigua!! Im a happy missionary here in Guatemala city central!!! What a blessing to serve the Lord!!! Love you guys!!!

Janaury 12

Hey everyone!!! I have the best zone leaders on the mission!!! Last week they taught us about our conversion!!! This week we are seeing the blessing of being converted!! The whole zone has changed!! A big change of our hearts started and we are starting to see the many blessings!!! I love the new feelings im getting!!! I feel it in my heart and Im a more loving person now!!! Change feels great!!!! I give thanks to our Heavenly Father because he put my zone leaders in my way to teach me and feel a change of heart!!! We have the desea to change and we are doing it!! The zone Antigua is doing a big change in the mission Guatemala city central!!! My sister is suffering in my coast of El Salvador!!! She is doing great!!! I have some pictures to send of my district sisters of the zone!! Birthdays in the mission so enjoy the pictures!!! 

January 4

Another change has gone by and Im still in Antigua!! The mission is getting fun and fun!! We have a new roomate in the house from Antigua!! He is really awesome. He is from Mexico!! I have a new sister in my district too!! We are going to do a lot of changes!!! 

Today we had zone training!! My zone leaders were teaching us about conversion!! So I have some goals to grow my conversion!!! Im so happy to be here!!! Antigua is awesome. Im getting closer to God!!! I know that my Salvador lives!! That im change!! I feel great!! My mission is coming to a end but that will never stop me from sharing is Gospel to the world because I know of the blessings we all can recieve from sharing the gospel to the world!!! Please go share is Gospel to the world and bring people unto christ!!! The blessings will come and you will feel a happiness in your live!!!! I love you all!!! Elder Vega

December 29

Christmas has gone by and I feel better!! On Christmas Eve we ate to much!! In Antigua 4 elders live in the same house 1 out of 4 Elders didnt get sick for eating so much!! I WAS THE ONE THAT DIDNT GET SICK HAHA. Christmas has really great!!! I hope you guys had a great christmas!! Im so happy to be here!! We have Changes next Tuesday So I wont be writing to next Wednesday!! 

What you guys doing to grow your Faith in Jesus Christ?  

We need to have faith in every moment. Nuestra Fe no aumenta por Cantidad, Sino por Eleccion. What do we need to change this coming year to grow our faith and see miracles in 2016? I know with all my heart that faith will change us to become more christlike!! Keep on going this 2016 with faith in Christ. Dont fear to change what the lord was you to change!! I know Change is good!! I been Changing a lot lately and its for the best for me!!! Love you guys and wish you a happy new Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

December 22

When this week was really funny!! Full of ups and downs more downs haha!! This week is Christmas!!! Im going to die this week because of the food!!! haha but I leanred today in my district meeting the importance to understand the Missionary work and The Atonement!! The mission is not going to be easy but was Christ life easy! No. I learned that we will go through a lttle what Jesus felt when the atonement was getting made!! I felt that this week!! I need to change some more things and Im so happy that I have missionaries that are so loving to help!!! My district is awesome!!! Have a great christmas!!! My excited to skype with my familiy!!!