Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7

A week full of blessings. I saw the lords love this week. I can't write what I feel this week because I don't have words to explain it. It was so powerful. In the mission Guatemala city central in the zone El Frutal. We are focusing on baptizing families. We are working really hard on those families of Heavenly Father. We have three families we are teaching and preparing them to make convenios with Heavenly Father. Everyday has gone by and I felt the spirit more and more everyday! All I can say that I love the spirit because I feel my heart changing. Wow I have changed so much in a 11 months on the mission. I give thanks for everyone that made my dream of being a missionary come true. I love you guys. I hope you guys know that nothing bad has happen to me in the mission. Sometimes its great sometimes is hard and upsetting but I know that Im were I need to be. These two years are changing my life forever. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that we are all loved from Heavenly Father and Christ. We need all to learn how to use the atonement in our lifes. My heart has changed. I love the mission. I know someday you guys will get to see the changes in my life. I cant stop telling you guys how much I love Guatemala. Its my second home.! Yesterday was district pday. I have a Hermana that loves to buy. Her name is Hna Lopez. Her companion Hna Mejia say that everytime Hna Lopez goes shopping, Hna Mejia has to buy to because Hna Lopez temps her to buy. Im going to the temple on Tuesday and before we are going Ihop first then the temple. 

June 30

Well this week has been a realy great week. I know with all my heart that the church is true. This week I learned that Heavenly Father loves to bless us. We had a baptism. Greatest feeling. I really love my mission. Last week we got to meet a 70. Elder Alonso. It was great time. I felt the spirit when Elder Alonso told us. Its your time to share what your feeling. After couple of the missionaries shared wonderful things about the mission. The spirit told me to share my life on the mission and the blessings that I have recieved. I love to share the biggest bless I got during the mision is when my family became members of the Church of Jesus Christ. That the biggest blessing in my life. I love to see the investagores change their lives and follow Christ. I know someday that my family and I will go to the temple. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he loves us. Our faith brings us closer to him. I love the Book of Mormon for those great men that have the faith to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the times of the Book of Mormon. I love the mission. I love everyone of you guys. Keep the the great work and remember to bring others unto Christ. 

June 23

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing. Im doing great. Its hot here in Guatemala it stopped raining for a week and next week the rain and the roads full of water will be back. The roads get full of water and that water comes up above my knees. haha its fun to be wet all day! This week has been a werid one but its been a blessing. We are going to have a baptism this Saturday. Of a young man called Garbiel Oscal. I love the mission. Can someone do me a favor and sloooooow down the time becuse time is going to fast and I dont want to come to my year mark but the cool thing is that my two year mark of being a member is coming really soon. The day that changed my life! I love it. Sorry its email will be short because I have some others things to do but I love you guys and The lord loves each one of you guys! I have some proof that its rains alot here in Guatemala and that the roads get full of water. Some person took a picture of us walking in the water and my bishop found the picture on facebook and hey guess us that picture. The werid thing was that I didnt know someone took a picture of my companion and I. 

June 16

Today I have the greatest district meeting and also pratices with traveling asistentes. Today I learned why we are more in the mission Guatemala city central. Today I knew that my works here are going to become blessings to my life. The lord was told my mission President. How can we do more. We need to find the needs of all the investagores in the first five mintures of the first lesson and focus on that need. I dont know why but I feel that one of the greatest things in my life its starting today. I feel the spirit so strong right now. I know that the Lord is blessing all of us but my family is getting one of the bestest blessings really soon. I still dont know what that blessing is but I know I will be here in Guatemala when they get it. I love the mission so much. I love Elder Mendieta my companion. I love the lord because he gave me the changes to learn so much form this district he put trust in me to lead! Yo testifico that we can learn a lot from our missionaries. There is two Elders I really love here on the mission. They are my old zone leaders. Elder Campos from Costa Rica and Elder Roney from Provo Utah. These two missionaries are more then my best friends they are my brothers. They are examples to me. Im sorry for that I'm going to say but I know that the lord loves every single one of us but the best mission of the world is Guatemala Central. Sorry for my little pride. haha. I love you guys. Yo testifico that Im a new person not the same old person I was better the mission. The lord has blessed me and keeps blessing me. Im Elder Vega and I'm a missionary of Jesus Christ. 

June 9

Sorry for last week. I couldnt send out my message. Guess what I dont have changes this change. I get to stay in Margaritas with my companion but my district has changes. I will getting a new sister the District Margaritas/Petapa. Excited I wont know till tomorrow. Im excited to finish my companions training. This week has been great. We have some great investagores. The mission is working really hard. The people in the city are a little more hard then in the coast. Sometimes I miss the coast but I know the lord put me here for a reason and he has not tooken me out because I still have work to do here in Margaritas. I have learned something really cool about my President. He told me the other day. We are a little more but we can do a little more. That made me think like a member of the church. We are a little more because we have the only true gospel on earth. We can do a little more. Yes we can do more like bring people unto Christ. Is it easy? No its not easy but we feel the power of the Holy Ghost and our friends and family members feel that Spirit. I promise you guys if you left your confort zone. You will feel the power of the Holy Ghost. As Members of the Church of Jesus Christ we need to have a Spiritual expirence every week but as missionaries of the church we need to have one everyday. Its really important of us Missionaries to do the will of the lord. I know with all my heart if you left the confort zone. You will have the spirit of The Lord and the spirit will touch the people you guys help hearts. There is always something we can change. If you guys want to feel the spirit more. Put more time on the scriptures. Do prayers of Faith. Read Preach my Gospel in Chapter 4. It tells about the prayers of faith. The most important thing to feel the spirit is to live El dia de Reposo. Sundays have to be a different day then the others. I promise you guys if you do these things. You will feel the Spirit of the lord.