Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9

Well I dont have much to say. Just that I know that God loves me!!! Tomorrow we are going to the zoo. Im doing great. Im ready happy to be here. being a district leader is really fun!!! I love you guys!!! IM so sorry that this is short please dont be mad haha. Everything is great dont worry about me!! 

November 3

Well Guatemala is great! I have a cold now hahah! How are things going. Halloween was werid here. Antigua does do Halloween. Through the night a lot people tried to scare us haha! Last night I had interview with my president. We learned a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Everyone at home I have a question for you! HOW HAVE YOU GUYS APPLIED THE ATONEMENT OF JESUS CHRIST IN YOUR LIFES EVERYDAY?  Think about it! Did you do the right thing? Did you help that person that needed help? Did you pray? Did you repent? Did you read the scriptures? Did you give thanks? There is many way you can apply the Atonement everyday! The Atonement brings us peace, joy, and consuelo to our lifes! I dont understand completely the Atonement but I do know that Christ to our names and paid the price of our sins! I love Alma 34. Its a great chapter that speaks about the Atonement when Amulek testifica que la palabra esta en Cristo para la Salvación. I been studing the atonement more to understand it! I been teaching my district what I have learned about the Atonement. I know with all my heart that the Atonement of Jesus Chrst brings happiness to keep going and to endure to the end! Im really happy to be a missionary! Love you guys! by the way. I will be writing on Monday next week because we are going to the zoo on Tuesday for zone pday! 

Monday, November 2, 2015

October 27

Hey everyone! How are you guys doing! I have great news Guatemala has a new president. I think and he is a comidien I dont know if i spelled right. He is a person that makes a all of jokes haha. This week one of the sisters in my district had her birthday on sunday! Im a really cool district leader and I bought her and her companion a cake. haha I thought that would be a cool story to tell you guys! Today I learned that I need to be more a excited haha well I guess I will be a more crazy now haha! I love you guys 

October 20

So I just found out were my sister is going on the mission. Shes going to  El Salvador San Salvador / Belize mission. Thats really awesome haha! Thats a great blessing in my life! Well wish her good luck! The mission is so great! 

So this week I saw some huge blessings, So we found this man on Saturday night at 8:50 Pm. He came to church the next day! Now hes getting prepared for baptism! Something happen on Friday! We were working with some members and they took us to one of your friends! She came to church and now she getting ready for baptism! Im seeing a lot of blessing! Im so happy. 

Yesterday on our pday. In the house we live four missionaries. We cleaned the house. The house is clean and very clean. We have a pila in our house and we were filling it up with water and I forget the it was filling the pila and the water started to over flow and we had a clean up all the water that got on the floor of the house!!! Then after cleaning the house we went to the coolest restaunt in Antigua Luna de Miel!!! look it up in the internet! Its awesome! it was yummy too! Sorry I didnt take pictures because it rained all day yesterday!!!! Love you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 13

This week has been the bomb! My companion Elder Trimnal and I are staying again in Antigua as companions. One of my sisters in my district is leaving but I know shes a great missionary!

Miracles of the week. So this sunday we have a 100% of retenion with all our new converts! That was a great feeling we have. This week my zone leaders gave the greatest referencia. This family is so cool the husband is from Belgium! Hes member but his family is not, so We are so happy to teach them! Aracely is the wife and she is from Nicaragua! We are working like beast haha here in Antigua! I been really tried but so happy! Love you guys! have a great week!

October 6

This week was a blast. We had a baptism!! Of Rebeca Monteroso! Really exciting. Great way to end Conference week with a baptism! 

So Conference!! I learned so much that im already apply in my life. I love how they all talked about putting trust in the lord. I testify if you put all our trust in the lord. We will see blessings not small blessings big blessings! I am apply the weekly scripture ponering! Im ponering 1 Nefi 8:24. Y sucedió que vi a otros que se adelantaban, y llegaron y se asieron del extremo de la barra de hierro, y avanzaron a través del vapor de tinieblas, asidos a la barra de hierro, hasta que llegaron y participaron de fruto del árbol.  I really enjoyed conferencia. I know will all my heart that God calls all his servantes to learn not because they are awesome. Its because they need to learn something. Thats how its works in the mission. We are not called to be district or zone leaders because we are awesome its because we need to learn and change. I know with all my heart that I been called for God to learn from my district and change what I need to change. 

Yesterday we had distrct pday. Its was great. we started out with. We went to the market and we needed to buy the weridest thing for the cheapest price. I lost that haha by one quetzal! Then we went up this big hill called El Zerro de la cruz!  took pictures. After we went to a members house and made pizza!!