Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 12

Solola is doing well!!! Yesterday we had zone pday and we went to play soccer. Im really tried haha!! Yesterday we also saw a volcano go off from really far away!!! It was really cool. Go back to the spiritual part of the week!!  This week was pretty good and bad but I did learn something. So it does not matter how bad a day go or what. We can still change someone to come unto christ. On Sunday during our 3 branch meeting. I was thinking a lot of the the hearts Elder Daybell and I have touched. Some of these children of Heavenly Father did the change and follow the spirit. We had a really cool lesson yesterday. We vistied a miember that his wife not a member. He need to do some changes before anything. I know that Heavenly Father puts us in the path of who needs. We did not know why we had to go visit him but we did and know we had set some goals for him. Its awesome to be a missionaries!! I love it!! I love my area even that its full of huge hills haha but I really love it!!! I have so much joy in my life and I want to share with you guys but sorry I can not right because my joy goes to my people here in Solola and the zone to keep the missionaries going with joy and love!!! hahha Love you guys have a great week! Keep on praying and reading!!! 

April 5

This week was the bomb. En la Conferencia yo estaba muy feliz por todos que compartieron. La Revelación que recive para la zona y para mi vida era calidad. Im really happy to see my last conferencia in the mission it was very spiritual. My mission president invites to take 3 questions and I took 4 and got a answer to all my question 3 of them were for the zone that they are apply now and one for my personal life!! I learned a lot. The missionary work is going great!! Im really happy and tried too my body is getting tried faster but that ok!!! In the district Pana my district leader is one of my best friend now. he is from Roy Utah and his name is Elder Fulmer!!! We started the mission together and through the time we have become great friends. Im really happy to have great friends here in the zone. Elder Garica is awesome too!! WE are a group of brothers and friends!! I got a picture from some in my ward and I want to share this picture of the youth in my home ward!! hahaha  

March 30

Updates in Solola. Tranfers were yesterday. I got a new companion. Elder Daybell from Utah!!! So excited to work with him. My last companion Elder Thompson got open a new area in the zone haha so he is not far away. Elder Thompson companion is my son from Antigua Elder Coy!!! Its awesome. The zone Solola is on fire right now!! New missionaries and new type of energy flow on the missionaries!! We are all pumped for this change!! We are so excited to see the miracles Im so happy!!! Time is fly by but I dont care because there is to much work to go!!! So happy the mission Guatemala city central is where Heavenly Father wants me and Im not done yet time is cutting close but Im not done yet. Giving all I have and more!!! Have a great week!! These pictures are from the district Pana.

March 22

Another awesome week! We had been working like animals here in Solola. We are pumping the zone up and the zone is doing really well!! Love it!! We had seen a lot of the lords help!! I know Heavenly father has sent his angels to prepare the people!! We have seen many hearts open up!! Its really great!! We had to give some talks on Sunday but my companion forgot to me, so we were still prepared in the last minute but the importante thing is that the members felt the spirt of the lord through our talks!!! I love working in three branches, Its a so different and really cool!! We are running everywhere and our cell phone rings a lot. Haha A lot of work and having fun at the same time!! Elder Thompson is my favorite companions! We have a great friendship!! Im so happy with all we are doing for the lord and the missionaries in the zone!! My faith is strong and everyday it gets stronger and I love enjoying the spirit everyday! I love you guys all and Have a great week! I want to stay in Solola for the rest of my mission!!! 

March 15

 Another great week!! I tell you guys  something really cool!! My Companion Elder Thompson wants to be a great looking missionary!! He is doing some crazy work outs haha but the great thing is that Im lossing more weight!! Last week we had division and We went up to Santiago Atitlan. Great time there with the Elderes!! Great missionaries!! Those division helped me understand that I am a example to the zona and the good thing is that they love me!! I have a great realtionship with the zona. So Im really happy!! We have some baptism coming up!! You guys will see the pictures soon!!! I love the mission!! have a great week!!! Love you guys!!! 

March 8

March Madness here in Solola is going really well!! This week we had district conference and its was really great on Sunday we have 10 investigadores in church that was really great. We had new converts meeting and President Markham ask everyone to say their name and how long has been a member!! I was the last one to get up and my mission president. President Markham told me to tell my story and it was cool but the coolest part was. In the meeting some white friends were their they came down from utah!! You believe it but one of them is from my stake at home!! He told me he is the high counsler to my ward!! He told me I cant say his name because when he gives his next talk in my home ward. He was going to speak about my time in Solola!!! It was awesome to see someone from my stake!! We went to Antigua yesterday. I was bored haha it was great and I got car sick too!!! We are seeing all of miracles!!! 

March 1

Well this week was our conference with Elder Duncan. He is a area 70! He is a very sprituallly person and his wife too!!! I know we needed that visit of them! I see the vision of the Heavenly Father of what he wants in the mission Guatemala city Central and also in the zone Solola!! That vision is really up lifting!!! Elder Thompson and I, have our zone seeing this vision and we are all spirtually up lifted!!  As a zone we are giving all we have and we all always giving more!! I dont know how to explain what I feel right now but I feel like a got set apart again and full of energy to get the work done!! There is not time to waste and its time to have more families in the church and more Elderes and missionaries going to serve with all their hearts, mind, and Strength!! The mission is the best!!!!! We are doing new things and some dont work but others do!!! Like I said i dont know how to explain my feelings right now!! March madness starts today in Zona Solola!! WE are so Excited to be here and giving all we have!!!!! Have a great week aand I love you guys!!! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!! ZONA SOLOLA IS THE BEST AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!! 

February 23

Another week has gone by to fast!!! Solola is awesome!!! I love it!!! I travel a lot.. We have 3 branches. So we have a huge area!!! It been really great!!! I have never been so tried in my whole mission like now but its a blessing!!! So I learned to give correction with love!! Our rentenion helper of the district forgot to call us and ask about our converts for the second time!!! It was great to give some correction with love. Our retenion helper yesterday told the district that I gave crrection with love!! I felt better great!!! Im really happy with my calling and Im enjoying my mission more and more everyday!! Time is going by to fast but thats ok. I will give it all I have and enjoy every second of it!!! I have pictures of the Elderes and Sisters of the Zone Solola!!!   

February 17

No more Antigua for me!!! So Im in Solola where the waters of Mormon are!!! My New companion is Elder Thompson from St.Geogre Utah.  I also have a new calling!!!! Im a Zone Leader now!! Yesterday was my first day in Solola it was great!!! We have a baptism for this weekend!!! Its the most beatiful zone of the whole mission because we are in the Mountains and we get to see the coolest lake in all Guatemala!! I cant remember how to spell the name of the lake!!! Its colder in Solola then Antigua. In Solola my English wont work and my spanish is going to help me a little but we are starting our class of Kaqchikel on Thursday. Im excited to know Kaqchikel! Im already loving my new calling. I have the greatest companion ever! Im happy to be in Solola in the district Panajchel as a Zone Leader! Have a great week!!!  

February 9

I have a funny story for you guys this week!! So my foot started to really hurt a lot. I thought it was something esle and I dont remember what its called in English but I had a huge amount of die skin on my little toe! Yesterday we had a zone pday playing sports. We were playing soccer and I got kicked in my little toe. It hurt so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the sisters in the zone didnt play soccer. So they look at my foot and started to cut out the die skin but my pain was not coming for that! One of the sisters. Hna Guevara look in the middle of my toes and she found a fungus. Haha so right now Im treating my fungus haha but its was a painful time!! Sister Blancas took my camera and recorded my pain haha!! Hna Guevara and Hna Rasmussen are the best because they were not sacred to fix me haha!! Going back to the mission. We have a baptism this weekend!! Hes name is Osbin To. The work here in Antigua is going great!! Really happy to be here!!! by the way next week is TRANSFERS. So I wont be writing till Wednesday!!! Love you guys!!  

February 3

Hey everyone!!! Yesterday We went to the temple!! I was car sick again!!! Everytime we go to the temple I get car sick!! Great time in the temple!! I got many answers to my prayer!!! It was great time!!! This week has been really fun!! My learning a lot of thinks!!! I want to tell you about my favorite calling in the mission!! District leader!!! I have learned so much skill for my life and many things I had to change. All my changes been done during this wonderful calling!!!! Its so much fun!!! The sisters today gave me a toy cow!! I have learned to become a leader, a example and more important a friend to the missionaries in the district!!! I really love this mision!!! My mission is the best of the world!!! I love it!!! 

January 26

Well Hello everyone!! Another week in beatiful Antigua!! It came to pass that yesterday we had district pday and distrcit San Lucas join us too!! In the church of Antigua!!! It was a blast!!! We played soccer and Basketball!!! We all had a great time!! A lot of us got sunburnt!! My face hurts haha and I hurt my figure too!!! I got pictures dont worry!! This week we are working really hard!!! Its been a great week!! We are preparing some baptisms this week!!! We will go close the deal today!! Pase lo que Pase, Venga lo que Venga, LO AREMOS!!  The zone Antigua is doing great!!! We are all happy and excited to finish is change with many miracles!!! Im really happy to be here!! Im still loving my district!! Its nice to hear about you guys!!! Love you. And it came to pass that we will be going to the temple next week so I wont be writing till Wednesday!! Love you guys!!! Dont worry In the picture I did make the hoop three times!!! In a row!!!