Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2

I will start off with one news I got! My sister Vanessa got baptized of Saturday! What a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Sunday we had our white Sunday to finish off the month to reach our goal of 400 baptisms! I still dont know if we reached our goal but as a zone we had 38 baptisms, But on Sunday we had 25 baptism!! It was so pilas because my mission president, President Markham and his wife enjoyed us on our White Sunday and They shared their testimonies during the Baptism service!! It was so awesome to see 25 of Heavenly Father children take the first step back to him! Im so proud of my sister that she took that step too! I know that this is the true church of Christ! I am a missionary of this church and I love it, its hard work but I have joy every second of these most four months being out on a mission! The best thing I have ever pick for my life!!! If anyone wants to go on a mission, GO its the best 2 years or 18 months for the sisters! I love my area and we have changes next week and I dont want to leave my area I love it! I wont know till Monday if I will have chances but The Lord is putting me where he has people prepared for me!! Its a blessings! Como un misionero del La Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias, I know that Heavenly father is blessing my Family and my Converts! 
1st picture{ my sister baptism}
2 picture of me contacting a bus
3rd is of our baptism of sunday with my mission president and wife

4th is of the church i go on sundays
5th is the volcano in our area

November 25

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! The only wish I want for my birthday is that my family with get baptized before August 2015! If someone would love to make that wish come true. I need lots of help! This Sunday is a White Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys will send the pictures next week of the white sunday!! So a White Sunday is when all the missionaries of the zone get to take in the stake center and have a baptism! Every area in my zone of Escuintla will be baptizing! We are planing to have more then 30 baptizes this Sunday!! Im really excited for it because we have 3 baptisms for my area maybe 5 if a miricle happens!!! We are working so hard to reach our goal of 60 baptisms for our Zone and 400 for the mission before November ends! Mirciles will happen this week. My zone leaders told us to be really happy all week cause Satan will try his hardest to put us down! I know this Sunday many of Heavenly Fathers kids will make the right chose! IM so happy for the things that are happening of in the mission!!! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 11

Sunday the 9th of Nov, we baptized a mom and her son! The names are Martha and Julio! I got the change to baptized Martha it was really cool cause I felt really great and the Spirit was strong!!! I know when  I get to baptize my mom, I will feel the same way as Martha Baptism! It was a great day!!! Something crazy happen this week!! Theres a family in my area and the dad and mom and daughter arent baptized but the two brothers are! The dad lived in Utah for 10 years and had a family there, So hes married and he cant get baptized till he gets a devories for this wife in Utah but heres the crazy thing They got married in Las Vegas and now this wife in utah got remarried with someone else without the devores. He really wants to know if his marriage with her is real or not because he wants to get married to his future wife and be baptized! Somethiing really cool about him He knows evrything about the church, hes been to conference in Salt Lake, Hes been a investagor for 7 years and He use to live by the MTC in Provo! He know how every temple looks like cause he has visited them but never went in a temple! Thats my crazy story of the week! I really hope his marriage in Vegas is not real!!!!!! I have some pictures for you guys to see of the baptisms and one of a really cool wall that I found yesterday! 
I forgot to tell you guys something really important!! I was in my first Earthquake last Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really awesome and the earthquake was a small one and it was just for 3 seconds but really small!! Dont worry Im doing great!! 

Thats all, love you guys,
 Elder Vega

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 4

Hey everyone!! I have a new area its called Jacarandas 1 and its in Escuintla!! Im some what in the city now.. Its a pretty area! The members are really nice, They feed us lunch everyday!! This month our mission goal is 400 baptisms and guess what, We will reach this goal!! We have 3 investagors that are going to be baptized this weekend! Its really cool preparing people to come unto Christ and be in the path to our Heavenly Father, I know as a missionary its so great the feel of the Spirit When the people agree to be a member of the true Church!! The awesome thing of my area I can see 4 volcanos!! Just one of them is active and smoke comes out of it!! Its so Plias cause I have never seen a Volcano!! This week I been working to know my new area and the people, so I do not have a cool story but I will have a Plias story soon!!! My new camponion is from Peru and his name is Elder Aza!! Hes Plias!! Love you guys all!! Always be a example to everyone and invite nonmembers to church stuff and to church!! Love Elder Vega

October 28

I have bad news this week!! Tomorrow we have Changes and I leaving my area!! I was a little sad but I'm excited to see who is my next companion tomorrow!! Yesterday and today, I will be saying goodbye to everyone in my area Sipacate. O well time to move on!! Hopefully I dont go to a cold area. I like the coast area!! So this week Steven didnt get baptized either, we decided to drop him cause his mom does not want me to believe in this church. It made me a little mad but I know its not his time yet. The super Pilas thing that happen this week is. We found a family that we are teaching. They have no kids yet. They are not married yet. His Name is Daniel and her name is Igrrel. Daniel is married to another women and they need to go through that progress, so Daniel can get married to Igrrel! Something really cool about Daniel he was in the Guatemala Army!! He told us some crazy stories!! Igrrel is a nurse!! When both were kids they went to The Church of Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias as kid. They never got baptized tho! On Sunday they came to church, everyone welcomed them, all the members were so nice with them!! Daniel and Igrrel decided to come to church every week and they will get baptize as soon as they can get married! I hate Daniel´s job cause it starts next and  week and they work everyday for 6 months straght. He works in the factory that makes sugar. He cuts down the plaint that the sugar is made from!! Thats my week!! Next week I will have pictures of my new camponion! Love you all

October 21

Next week is Changes for us!!!!! My companion thinks he is leaving and Thats ok with me. I feel like I know the area now to well. Yesterday we had zone p day. Guess where we went!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Went to the Beach. I got to play in the sand by the Sea. Everyone in my zone got sun burnt really bad!!! HAHa I feel the pain right now. There is a sickness going around here called Chikungunya. I do not know how to say it. The great thing I havent got it and I wont get to it cause im using bug spray. So Steven hasnt got baptized yet and he is starting to lose hope about it. His mom wont sign the baptism papers. We dont know what to do anymore... We have faith he will get baptized this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! 

Everything is going well!!!!!! Love you guys all and I have pictures for you guys 
The first 3 pictures are the Ocean!! The next picture is my District The Sisters are so Pilas They work so hard  

October 14

This last week was CRAZY. Somethings happen and some miricales happen. Sunday one of the members brought her sister to church and her name is Magdelina and her two daughters Susley and Andrea. After church we went to visit them. Magdelina told us her story. She was Cathilic before. Her husband left her and the family for another women But he has done this for many years then just comes back to her. This time he is gone for good. During the lesson She started to cry and I have no idea what to do. So I didnt do nothing haha. The great thing about it, Her and her daughters agreed to be baptized on the 26th of this month. Susely the Daughter is weird. I feel so uncomferable teaching her.  Andrea is so Pilas. She loves to read the book of Mormon. I love visiting them. Steven hasnt got baptized yet. We need a miricle to happen with him and his familly. I know that he is ready and hopefully this sunday is his baptism. We are also visiting one of our converts mom and brother. The mom is Consuelo and the brother his name is Carlos and he is 19 years old. Carlos has a girlfriend that we are teaching also her name is Victoria and she is 14 years old. They are planning to get marry...... Guatemala is a little crazy. They are doing great tho. We need them to come to church. My mission president said we need to have 400 baptisms as a mission in Novemeber. So every companionship needs to baptize at least 3 or 4 people. My area is one of the hardest in the mission but I know we will have 4 baptisms. I have faith on that and we will get our 400 baptisms for Novemeber. 

I would love if you guys can pray for my Family, Steven, Magdelina, Susely, Andrea, Consuelo, Carlos, and Victoria. They are our next bothers and sisters to come unto Christ!!!!!!! thats my week.  Love you guys all have a great week Love you guys Elder Vega 

October 7

I will start out with conference wasnt it just amazing. I got to see it in English!!!!!!!! Its so much cooler when you can hear their real voices. The sad thing about this week Steven did not get baptized. his mom wont let him yet. We have not given up yet. last night we had a lesson about temples and that this is the only church in the whole world that can do baptisms for the die. She was so excited. After the lesson She asked us, what scriptures can I read about baptisms for the dead. I have a great feelings She will let Steven get baptized next week.. Keep him in your prayers. We are also teaching Jessica´s mom her name is Consuelo and she is really prepared but she cant read. Jessica is going to read with her everyday. The rest of my week is been working really hard!!!!!!!!!!! 

I love the mission even tho that conference made me a home sick but I wont leave this place till I'm done doing that the Lord commands. 

I hope everyone has a great week and I love you all!!!!!!!!!! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 30

It is changes tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what, my companion and I arent leaving. Everyone else in our district someone is leaving. In the district are are 8 missionaries, 4 Elders and 4 Sisters. The cool thing is that most of the seinor campanions are training. Im half way in my training. This week was great. I know that the Lord is blessings my family. Something I would really love is for the people that live by my family. I would love if you guys can prepare them for baptism and get all of them baptized cause after I finish my mission. The first thing I want to do is go to the Ogden Temple and be sealed to my family. Im in Guatemala and I trying my best to get my family baptized. So Im asking for your help cause Im miles and miles away from my Family. Thanks for the help, The Lord will bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week was kinda sad in church only 21 people came and the week before 48 came. I was sad about that. This week is Gerenal Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited to hear the talks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone talk my family to Conference please. So Steven Zeleya didnt get baptized last weekend... His mom doesnt want him to but she started to change and we are really hoping she can sign the baptism papers tonight and have his baptism on Sunday between the Conferences. Please keep him in your prays!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the Ocean for the first time in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so cool! Sorry my message is short this week. Im very busy. Everyone but a example to everyone. Invite others to come unto Christ. Love you all

September 23

Another wonderful week full of blessings and love. Jessica got married on Thursday and something weird. Shes 16 years old and shes married. I thought it was really weird but I'm so happy that she is following the steps of Jesus Christ. Her mother in law is so Pilas and she changed and is really working in the missionary work. I seen a huge change in my branch. Everyone is so excited to do missionary work. I dont know how it happen but They are working really hard with us. This week in Church there was 48 people. Thats really huge. The last time Rama Sipacate had over 40 people at church was about 6 months ago. Im so happy. Last Tuesday I had dividion with the zona leaders. Elder Ward is from Idaho and something really awesome about him and his family. They own a ranch up in Idaho and They go to every farm to buy the bulls. Elder Ward knews The Dairy farms in West Weber. His family buys the bulls from Ron Gibson, Rex Hancock, and Blair Hancock. I thought it was cool to know that. Elder Ward finishes his mission next week. By the Way next Week is changes. I want to ask you guys if you guys can pray for Steven Zelaya. He wants to get baptize but this parents want him to wait till his 18 and thats to long to wait. I love you guys all.. Guess what my feet are so much better now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be yourself always, love everyone, help others, be more like Christ. Bring people to his true Gospel I love you all

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16

Well its been another week in Guatemala and its been better busy. Im sick this week with a cold. and I have a really bad foot infection. my feet look pretty cool but its bad. haha but im still happy. The missionary nurse and us cant find the meds I need so please pray for me. haha. We been working really hard. This week we will have another baptism on sunday but she needs to get marry first and her name is Jessica Veliz keep her in your guys prayers cause she gets married on thursday and Satan will work really hard too this week to change her mind. Yesterday was indenpendia day in Guatemala its more crazy then the 4th of July but something really bad and sad happen saturday. A bus of 70 people crash and some died and everyone else is really hurt. The people in the bus are from my area. yesterday our new investagors were all from that crash. They are all looking for God now cause he gave them a second change. I know that yesterday all our new investagors want to change. Sometimes it takes some bad to get others to change. I feel bad for the families that lost a member cause on that bus there was lots of kids. God loves us. I love the mission and we also have another baptism on the 28th and he is a 13 year old kid named Steven Zelaya. If you guys can pray for him too. Thanks for your love. Bye 

September 2

Type to enter texttoday we have a wedding. Im so happy cause Emely is getting marry today and on sunday is here baptize and two of her kids too. They are a Pilas family. Im so happy. Our branch has not had a baptize for 2 months and this month we will have at least two more. I feel so blessed to be in my area. We have great people here. I wish the members of the branch would help out more but they are too lazy. There is lots of lazy people here. Some people make fun of us alot but it doesnt bug me. Guatemala city central is great mission. its nothing like the other missions around the world. All the missionaries in the central mission are so Pilas. I love the people even though they like to make fun of me cause i dont walk as fast as my campanion but I know I walk faster then them. I drink lots of water here in a little bag and everything is in a bag here. I hope everything is going great at home. I wish Jackie and jose Happy Birthday. I will have a piece of cake here to remember your guys birthday. I love my family and my ward family. I almost been out for a month time flys. Well I got to go to a wedding so talk to you next week. love you all. Guatemala city central mission I love with all my heart. 

September 9

This sunday was the best. We had three baptisms. The holy ghost has a very strong testimony. I got to baptize one of the kids. It was a blessing to find this family. I knew it would be so great. I will be sending pictures in the end of this email. The last couple of days its been hard to find new investagors cause no one wants to listen to us. They all think there church is true. I know We are in the true church of God. I been getting better at teaching. Im learning lots of scriptures. Its a blessing. I love the members of the branch. They help so what. I wish they would do some missionary work and help us out with our investagors we had. Our goal of my area is to get 5 baptisms we got three already. We set lots of goals. goal of area, distract, zona, and mission. We are very good at keeping our goals. My testimony has growed so much in this month. I cant believe i been out for a month already. Time flys when your working hard. Sorry to say this but im not home sick yet. I have been sick this week but not home sick. I hope everyone is doing great. Let me know how Utah is. Guatemala is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell that im changing already. Love you all. Can someone tell my mom. Im eating food cause she thinks im not eating cause Im losting weight. haha Everyone be nice to Christ and share your testimony to the world and lets be great members and help out the missionary but bring friends to church, less active or nonmembers. The Lord be happy with us. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 27

This week been really crazy. My first week in the misión field.

Tuesday, We left the ccm and we didnt get our new campanion till Wednesday. That day we stayed with the missionaries that are in the office. They look us out to teach people. Can I say all the missionaries in the Guatemala central misión, they walk so fast. By the end of the day I was so tried. I never walked so fast up and down hils. Dogs would try to bite us. It was a scary day. I never would of thought this is how my misión is.

Wednesday. I got my campanion Elder Heslington He is from Orem Utah. I was really nevous to meet him. He is the greatest campanion so far. My first área is in the coast of Guatemala and its hot!!!!!!!!!!!! The people are poor in that área. Im so thankful for my home in Utah. I met all the members and the investagors we are teaching. The thing Im graceful for is that the coast does not have hills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThursdayThursday was a good day I met the rest of the inestagors and the less actives. Theirs a family we are teaching and She has three kids and the boys are old enough to get bastized. Her name is Emely and She wants to get bastized but she needs to get marry first. A lot of people here have families but they are not marry.
We talked to her future husband and he does not want to get marry.

Friday. Something really cool happen on Friday mornings. We got out of our house and started walking and Emelys husband came up to us and he tolds us I want to marry her. We were so surprised. It made me feel so happy. for the rest of the day our lessons went really well.

Saturday. By the way my camponion is distract leader. So we didnt have time to teach Saturday cause he had to do some Bastize interviews.

Sunday. The first sunday in my branch. We were upset that sunday cause of the investagors that promises they would come to church but didnt.
I got to speak in church. the branch is small. I think its only 20 people. The members have a big heart for us missionaries. Theirs one memeber that helps us out all the time. I love it here.

MondayMonday was p day. but we get to write everyone on Tuesday dont ask why cause i dont know. We went food shopping and the rest of the day till 5 I did pretty much nothing but write some letters and talked to Elder Heslington.

Something really cool about my misión. Guatemala Central is the only misión that contacts buses. How do we contact buses? We will get on the bus and ask the driver if we can speak. So he will say yes. We will Yell to get the attion of the people then we start "We are the missionary of la Iglesia De Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias and we would love to share a message how families can be forever. That we have a living Prohet. The góspel of Jesús Chirst. We would like to come and visit it you guys at your home." After we Yell at, we walk up to everyone and ask when can we visit. We get lots of new investagors that way. I love this misión and the people here. I miss my family and I love them but more my mom and dad. I hope everyone had a great week love everyone. Invite others to come unto christ.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 12

Its, been a wonderful week!!!! I miss my family. Guatemala is a gorgeous place.

The first day. it was kinds weird but i got to love it. The food is great. I have a wonderful companion . sorry for my spelling I'm losing my English. We learn alot the first day.

8/7/2014 we BEEN WORKING ALOT here its really fun, I have be so force that I learning everything easy. The people from Guatemala are so nice and short. Hannah Blanch might be a little taller then some of the people.
I learn how to love everyone and show care for the investigators. everyday i think about my family and i get this wonderful feeling that i know that they are doing great without me.

Thursday the 8th was a great day in my classes. Our not real investigator said yes to baptism in the first lesson I did. I felt the spirit so strong that my heart wanted to fell out. That was the greatest moment of my life. I made a goal that when i got to my mission that i will look for a Family to teach and baptize the whole Family!!!! I know that this church is true, I know the lord is taking care of my family and ward family. 

Friday I was feeling kinda down but it turned to be one of the greatest days in the ccm. Sometimes classes are boring and other times i cry in them when i tell everyone my stories. Alot of the members in my class are older then me Im one of the youngest in the class. I thought i would be the oldest but i was wrong. Everyone in the class says Im like the Father on the class and that made me feel great. I can see my classmates are down and upset. I do everything i can to cheer them up!! It hurts me to see them down. 

Saturday didnt feel like a Saturday. It was a wonderful day. I really don't remember that day but all i know that we are together. SorrySaturday wasn't that exciting. 

Sunday I have church at the same time as my ward at home. During it  I was thinking about everyone in the ward. First time i went to church in Spanish it was really cool. I had alot of personal study time. We also watched the Joseph Smith Movie every time I watch that I cry.

Monday: My distract became a Family to me, a lot of them were feeling down all day we didnt feel the spirit. AT tthe end of the day I told them to cheer up we all have a reason why we are here. I told them all something about them at makes me stronger and we were all crying.
By the way I found home here. These is a Elder from Roy and every time we see each other, we yell Home sweet home and hug each other I think its Funny but it makes me feel better and his name is Elder Fulmer.

Today This moring we went to the Temple. The temple is small here but its so gorgeous. I feel the spirit so strong in there. I wish i could tell you more but I cant. 

I hope everyone is doing great. I wrote some letters to some of you guys. If you do decide to write me back please don't send it to the MTC or CCM cause I will be gone, I will be Harvesting the lord"s work Love you all. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Elder Eri Vega has been called to the Guatemala City Central Mission.  His emails will be posted each week, you can stay tuned into this location to keep up with his current adventures.