Monday, June 1, 2015

May 27

Sorry I didnt write yesterday I had to go to the captial with my companion! Guess what we did for our Pday of Zona. WE WENT TO ANTIGUA again. hahaha Great time! This week has rained ALOT MORE THEN WHAT YOU GUYS ARE GETTING IN UTAH. It starts raining at 2 in the afternoon and its does not stop till 10 at night. So my poor feet are cold and they look ugly! hahah. I know that my life has change. I love it. The church has change my life but the mission has distroy me haha it keep distroying me but its making me a better person. I got to suffer with love right! I know if we suffer with love, everything turns out great! My mission president tells us all the time pain is our best friend because we learn of it! Dont worry I dont have pain. I tressure this time on my mission because it has done so much for me. The mission is still making me more skinny but I stll eat lot. I seen the lords hand in my life. I know that he is preparing heart to come unto Christ. I know if I obey every rule I get. My promises with come true! I love the knowlegde I have on the Book of Mormon I love back a year and 10 months from to day when I got baptized. I didnt know anything about the church. Now I know a lot. I can truely say YO SOY UN REPENSENTATE DE JESUCRISTO Y YO ESTOY AQUI PARA CAMBIAR VIVAS Y MI VIVA. YO AMO A MI SALVADOR JESUCRISTO. YO AMO A GUATEMALA Y TODAS LAS PROBLEMAS QUE VIEN A MI. YO SE QUE JESUCRISTO VIVE Y EL LES AMA. Never forget to help someone else come unto christ. Its not only the missionaries work to bring people to christ, its also your responabily to do missionary work love you guys!

May 19

The rain is here in Guatemala. We had a great wedding on Saturday! Juan and Jennifer got married and Baptized! Im so happy that they put their faith and hope on the Lord and now they are getting blessed for their acts! I love the lord. I know that my family is getting blessed for everyday I get rained on. Juan told me something about his baptism. "When I go into the water its was really cold but the moment I got out was fulled with the spirit that my heart started to burn inside me." I know with all my heart that the lord is preparing people because his coming is coming. I love the mission even though sometimes its hard but its pilas the feeling you get when you come to your house and your so tried and all you want is to sleep but you cant because you got other things to do! That the greatest feeling there this. I know that Jesus lives and he is my light and happiness to my days. Heavenly father has gave me a lovely home here in Guatemala. I will never forget this place. I enjoy every second here. I want to say thank you for everyone that helped me get there on the best two years of my life. I will never forget eachone of you guys. Love you with all my heart.  

May 12

Im not prepare to get married after my mission! hahahaha Its not easy planning for a wedding! So these week on Saturday at 4 our investagores are getting married and baptized on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me tell ya guys its not easy to plan a wedding. It gaves you some stress.. Its a great blessing though because I will be prepare for my wedding in a while! Guess what Thats not the only wedding My companion and I are planning, we have another one wedding on the 30th. More blessings!! I love it thought because it shows our faith like Alma says in Alma 32:21 Y ahora bien, como decia concerniente a la fe. La fe no es tener un conocimiento perfecto de las cosas, de modo que si teneis fe, teneis experanza en cosas que no se ven, y que son verdaderas. Sorry I only know it in Spanish! I have faith that I showing my love to the Lord by bring people to him! I love everything Im doing! The time is going pass by to fast. Im almost to a year on this path that brings so much happiness to my life! I know that this is the true Church! I am a missionary of Jesus Christ! I know that the mission is preparing to be a great Father someday! I love you guys! On Sunday We got to work with the Traveling Asistentes! The awesome thing is that My mission father is one of the Traveling Asistentes. Elder Heslington! I love him


Well Hello everyone! How am I doing? Im loving the mission!!! I have a baptism this sunday after stake conference! I have a awesome story! On Sunday we have a family of investagors! Alan is the man of the family. He told that they agreed to get baptized on May 31th as a family! He told me his plans for this Sunday. After Stake conference hes going to ask his wife for her hand in marrage! The best part about it there will be a lot of people watching this!! Hopefullly he doesnt chicken out!! haha Im really excited to see family Herrera get baptized and a year after they will go to the temple and be a family forever! Thats not only family Elder Mendieta and I have, we are also baptizing another family on the 17th! I been seeing mircles in my area! By the way I have a new companion his name is Elder Mendieta and his from Peru! City of Lima! His really cool! and I love him! What makes me so happy that this children of Heavenly Father are coming closer to him! I still have so much faith that my family will become a family forever! I still have hope and faith that my dad with get baptized someday! Thats why im working really hard so that Heavenly Father can give me that blessing that my dad can get baptized! I really love my mission! I know it has changed me! I know that the book of Mormon is true with all my heart! Im reading right now my favorite part of the whole book, the part of captin Moroni! I like to apply what Moroni did in his life with the district the lord put me in charge of! I know that this wonderful district is looking upon me to be a example to them and love them! I love every misionary in this mission! I love my friends that are a example to me! Love you guys ! 

April 28

Hey tomorrow I get my new companion! Guess what I get to train again because hes a new missionary! Dayana Gil got baptized! I have a family baptism on the 17th of May and I might have another family baptism in May also dont know when yet! Im really happy here in Margaritas and I have a cool! Everything is great! I love the mission! I great stories for you guys but to long to write and not enough time to do it! Im really loving the work of the lord! I get a new companion tomorrow! 
Heres some pictures of the baptism, the members, of the district Margaritas, and the sisters in the district.

April 21

These last two weeks be really worry! Last monday My companion had changes I dont know why he left but its was werid because we wont ready for that! So my companion has be a mini missionary but he got sick and sent home. So I got another mini missionary! I wont be getting a Elder companion till next Wedesday in change meeting!! CAMBIOS next week! Dayana Gil didnt get baptized because she like cafe! So I have to get her some Mormon Cafe called Morcafa! Its a cafe made out of Wheat! So this Sunday she gets baptized! Last week My mini missionary and I found this super prepared family! They have family members that got baptized couple weeks ago but my frist companion Elder Heslington I love that Elder! This family is pilas and They agreed to be baptized on the 17th of May. So their wedding is the 16th of May!! Yesterday this family scared me and i was really up set! Their names are jennifer and Juan. Jennifer calls me and tells me. Elder Vega Im not get baptized anymore and I dont love Juan! I was like what happen. They got in a little fight. So 45 minutes later Juan calls me and tells me what time is the family night? They told me they still want to get baptized and married! I was really happy but in that 45 minutes I was like Satan what did you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord answered my prayers! I still have a future family baptism and Im really happy! Thats my great story for the week! I love the mission! This mission has changed me and I love it! GUATEMALA IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE!  

April 14

Hey winter weather is coming to Guatemala so the means the rain will be here soon and I will be wet everyday for 6 months! I love my area las Margaritas the people here are awesome! We have a baptism this sunday and her name is Dayana Gil its the sister of our last baptism! We are also preparing a family to get baptize but first they need to get married and they are willing to get married and baptized. Im every excited for all this! Im really happy that Im finding micales in my mission! We have interviews with my President last week. President Markham tell me! You are doing great! The lord knows your doing everything the best you can and hes proud of you! Then we got talking about the Household of faith that was awesome I would like to tell you everything about the Household of faith but thats only for me! Before the interview was over President tells me. After the mission you need to start looking for the young lady that you want to be with forever! He told Elder Vega your going to be a great leader in the church but to have these blessings you need to find that person that will support you with your duties! So all the Elderes since conference they are making goals to get married now its funny and awesome! I know I need to focus on my mission and pray to Heavenly Father for the young lady that will support me because Im willing to support her in anything! That was a pilas interview with President Markham! 

April 7

Hey guys. How are you guys doing?? Well this was another great week. Yesterday was one of the greatest day of my whole mission! Yesterday was district Pday!! The sisters,my companion and I made brownies in the bishops house!! Dont worry Im still a kid and I made a big mess of Flour because one of the sister Hermana Castanon hit me with flour in my face. My face was white and dont worry I got pictures. Like I said im still a kid and I got back at her and fulled a plate full of flour and dump it all over her face and dont worry I have pictures of her face also!!! Then we watched Emma Smith the Movie and that was really great!! Emma went though alot with Joseph Smith. My area is great. I love the work and I love this mission yesterday was my 8th month on the mission! Im so happy to be here!! The talks of General Conference were great!!! Saturday they talked alot about marriage! it was funny because all the missionaries that know English went to a room to listen to it in English! The missionaries about to go home were making their plans to get marry after their mission! So for who ever is going for a Husband. This missionaries are pilas and most of them live Utah!! hahahahah I love Conference!!! 
Heres all my new pictures and the sister in my district took my camera and took lots of pictures but dont worry I will send them all!!!