Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 23

Another wonderful week full of blessings and love. Jessica got married on Thursday and something weird. Shes 16 years old and shes married. I thought it was really weird but I'm so happy that she is following the steps of Jesus Christ. Her mother in law is so Pilas and she changed and is really working in the missionary work. I seen a huge change in my branch. Everyone is so excited to do missionary work. I dont know how it happen but They are working really hard with us. This week in Church there was 48 people. Thats really huge. The last time Rama Sipacate had over 40 people at church was about 6 months ago. Im so happy. Last Tuesday I had dividion with the zona leaders. Elder Ward is from Idaho and something really awesome about him and his family. They own a ranch up in Idaho and They go to every farm to buy the bulls. Elder Ward knews The Dairy farms in West Weber. His family buys the bulls from Ron Gibson, Rex Hancock, and Blair Hancock. I thought it was cool to know that. Elder Ward finishes his mission next week. By the Way next Week is changes. I want to ask you guys if you guys can pray for Steven Zelaya. He wants to get baptize but this parents want him to wait till his 18 and thats to long to wait. I love you guys all.. Guess what my feet are so much better now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be yourself always, love everyone, help others, be more like Christ. Bring people to his true Gospel I love you all

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