Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16

Well its been another week in Guatemala and its been better busy. Im sick this week with a cold. and I have a really bad foot infection. my feet look pretty cool but its bad. haha but im still happy. The missionary nurse and us cant find the meds I need so please pray for me. haha. We been working really hard. This week we will have another baptism on sunday but she needs to get marry first and her name is Jessica Veliz keep her in your guys prayers cause she gets married on thursday and Satan will work really hard too this week to change her mind. Yesterday was indenpendia day in Guatemala its more crazy then the 4th of July but something really bad and sad happen saturday. A bus of 70 people crash and some died and everyone else is really hurt. The people in the bus are from my area. yesterday our new investagors were all from that crash. They are all looking for God now cause he gave them a second change. I know that yesterday all our new investagors want to change. Sometimes it takes some bad to get others to change. I feel bad for the families that lost a member cause on that bus there was lots of kids. God loves us. I love the mission and we also have another baptism on the 28th and he is a 13 year old kid named Steven Zelaya. If you guys can pray for him too. Thanks for your love. Bye 

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