Sunday, January 24, 2016

Janaury 12

Hey everyone!!! I have the best zone leaders on the mission!!! Last week they taught us about our conversion!!! This week we are seeing the blessing of being converted!! The whole zone has changed!! A big change of our hearts started and we are starting to see the many blessings!!! I love the new feelings im getting!!! I feel it in my heart and Im a more loving person now!!! Change feels great!!!! I give thanks to our Heavenly Father because he put my zone leaders in my way to teach me and feel a change of heart!!! We have the desea to change and we are doing it!! The zone Antigua is doing a big change in the mission Guatemala city central!!! My sister is suffering in my coast of El Salvador!!! She is doing great!!! I have some pictures to send of my district sisters of the zone!! Birthdays in the mission so enjoy the pictures!!! 

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