Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 9

This sunday was the best. We had three baptisms. The holy ghost has a very strong testimony. I got to baptize one of the kids. It was a blessing to find this family. I knew it would be so great. I will be sending pictures in the end of this email. The last couple of days its been hard to find new investagors cause no one wants to listen to us. They all think there church is true. I know We are in the true church of God. I been getting better at teaching. Im learning lots of scriptures. Its a blessing. I love the members of the branch. They help so what. I wish they would do some missionary work and help us out with our investagors we had. Our goal of my area is to get 5 baptisms we got three already. We set lots of goals. goal of area, distract, zona, and mission. We are very good at keeping our goals. My testimony has growed so much in this month. I cant believe i been out for a month already. Time flys when your working hard. Sorry to say this but im not home sick yet. I have been sick this week but not home sick. I hope everyone is doing great. Let me know how Utah is. Guatemala is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell that im changing already. Love you all. Can someone tell my mom. Im eating food cause she thinks im not eating cause Im losting weight. haha Everyone be nice to Christ and share your testimony to the world and lets be great members and help out the missionary but bring friends to church, less active or nonmembers. The Lord be happy with us. 

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