Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 2

Type to enter texttoday we have a wedding. Im so happy cause Emely is getting marry today and on sunday is here baptize and two of her kids too. They are a Pilas family. Im so happy. Our branch has not had a baptize for 2 months and this month we will have at least two more. I feel so blessed to be in my area. We have great people here. I wish the members of the branch would help out more but they are too lazy. There is lots of lazy people here. Some people make fun of us alot but it doesnt bug me. Guatemala city central is great mission. its nothing like the other missions around the world. All the missionaries in the central mission are so Pilas. I love the people even though they like to make fun of me cause i dont walk as fast as my campanion but I know I walk faster then them. I drink lots of water here in a little bag and everything is in a bag here. I hope everything is going great at home. I wish Jackie and jose Happy Birthday. I will have a piece of cake here to remember your guys birthday. I love my family and my ward family. I almost been out for a month time flys. Well I got to go to a wedding so talk to you next week. love you all. Guatemala city central mission I love with all my heart. 

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