Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10

Well another normal week!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First week as a new trainer went really well haha Many miricles are happening in the area Jacarandas 1 en Escuintla. We had a very big suprise this week with a BAPTISM of a Hna Ingris. What a miricle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I bet you guys want to know a little about my first son in the mission. Elder Trochez he is from Honduras. He is a great missionary already! I have learned alot from him! Im really happy being a trainer. We are hope to have 6 baptism on March 1st! I know with all my heart that we found those 6 and many more people to prepare to come unto Christ! Many miricles come from a new Missionary. This is my favorite change so far. I love the lord with all my heart and I know that blessings are coming to everyone we are teaching and baptizing.  I love reading the scriptures and losing myself in them! Im learning how to use what I learn in my mission life! Im still losing weight hahahaha I love you guys all! keep reading your sciptures and praying often for the guaides of Heavenly Father !

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