Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17

So this week has been really funny. Everyday something funny happen to my companion and I but mostly my companion! These stories are really long so I will tell the stories when I get home in a while hahah. The other day we were coming back to our area because we went to the farthest part of our area. So we were waiting for a bus and im companion drops money twice and there are clowns next to us and they get closer to use. So people here are starting to dress up as clowns to rob the people.These clowns are next to us and they are talking about us. One of them said to the other would you up dressed up like that carring a backpack with a bible and a book of Mormon in your hands and walking everywhere. My companion tellls me I feel that we need to go now and I was looking around to see who would do something to us and in front of everyone. I prayed and I got a answered that we need to stay and wait for the bus. My companion though they were going to rob him. Here comes the funny part. Im still a boy and somethings I think stupid things. So I was thinking. Who would dress up as a clown and wear lots of makeup and get on bus and try to make up laugh of 5 Quetzales and pay the bus driver 4 quetzales. I was also thinking what if they robbed us, would their gun or knife be a ballwoon. hahah I was having a blast thinking funny things and my companion freaking out. The bus come and we made it safely to our area. 
Love you guys. This was one of the funny stories of the week bye 
Elder Vega

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