Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 3

Tomorrow is Changes!!!!!!!!!!!! Im getting a little surpise tomorrow! I know what it is but I dont want to tell you guys! All I can say is that Im gettting a NEW companion haha. :) I know wilth all my heart that Im ready to do that the Lord wants me to do without worring! I need to be a example to this new companion and I already love him even tho I dont know him yet because I cleaned the house yesterday just for him and I also helped my companion pack up his stuff because he is going home back to Ecuador to city Guayaquil Ecaudor! It was great and challenging change with my companion and I learned so much from him! The work here Guatemala is hard but rewarding! My life is so different right now! I love it!! I have changed so much in these 6 months and I cant believe its been 6 months already! Please if someone can slow down the time that Will make me happy! Changes in my life will start tomorrow with my new companion! I love you guys all and I love being a missionary here in Guatemala City Central Mission ( best mission of the world) :) By the way I got sick on Sunday and its a really really funny story! Haha Elder Govea and I, almost burnt our house down Yesterday! We were burning Elder Govea stuff yesterday! It really really funny story too! I will tell you guys the story when I get home if I remember hahahahah 
Love you guys 

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