Monday, March 2, 2015

February 24

My mission President. President Markham taught us somethings really simple but strong. He said "Its time to COWBOY UP". He gave us the example of a cowboy riding a bull for 8 seconds. He told all the trainers you guys are in you 2 years or 18 months of being on a bull. The bull is the battle agains Satan. That talk touched my heart because we have to work really hard in this battle with that thing. We will see the blessings after the mission because we will always be on the Lord side even when things dont go our way! On Sunday and Last night somethings happen to me and I cant talk about them. I saw the true power of the preisthood. Let me tell ya I never thought I could do soemthing like that. I know that Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ have that trust in me to do mircles. This Mircle was something powerful. I feel that my body was taken over by the Holy Ghost and I felt that love of God that night. It made me so happy that The lord trust me enough to do if will with the Priesthood. My testimony has grown of the Priesthood and I love the Mission. I can I ask for a favor? Can someone pray to heavenly Father and tell him to slow down the time I want to be here longer!!! LOVE YOU GUYS LE AMAMOS, LE AMAMOS LE AMAMOS ELDER TROCHEZ AND ELDER VEGA. GUATEMALA CITY CENTRAL MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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