Monday, November 2, 2015

October 20

So I just found out were my sister is going on the mission. Shes going to  El Salvador San Salvador / Belize mission. Thats really awesome haha! Thats a great blessing in my life! Well wish her good luck! The mission is so great! 

So this week I saw some huge blessings, So we found this man on Saturday night at 8:50 Pm. He came to church the next day! Now hes getting prepared for baptism! Something happen on Friday! We were working with some members and they took us to one of your friends! She came to church and now she getting ready for baptism! Im seeing a lot of blessing! Im so happy. 

Yesterday on our pday. In the house we live four missionaries. We cleaned the house. The house is clean and very clean. We have a pila in our house and we were filling it up with water and I forget the it was filling the pila and the water started to over flow and we had a clean up all the water that got on the floor of the house!!! Then after cleaning the house we went to the coolest restaunt in Antigua Luna de Miel!!! look it up in the internet! Its awesome! it was yummy too! Sorry I didnt take pictures because it rained all day yesterday!!!! Love you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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