Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 8

Hey eveyone this week was great week!!! I learned the importances of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. In the mission happen things that are hard to write about!!! Someday you guys will know!! I Love been a district leader to SISTERS because they teach me to change with my heart and be a better leader haha!! Well mission is great!! I love it and The Elderes and Sister in the District of Antigua are my family!! I love to bug them about not smiling. They need to smile 24/7! What a blessing to have wonderful missionaries in my district!!! Hna Correa from Mexico City made me cry last night!! I dont know why but her spirit was to strong!! Im blessed to have them in my district!! I love my mission, my mission president and Hna Markham!! Im sad that my time is coming to a end but Im dont wasting any moment that I have left!!! The mission change us missionaries through the atonement of Christ!! Im a better person! Like what my sisters in the district say, God lives and he lives!! EU

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