Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 17

Well the zoo was really fun but my camera broke so I dont have any pictures but I got a new camera!! Well during this week, I felt a big change in my life! I know that im getting closer to my goal of having charity for everyone! That day I felt the same feels I got when I got baptize. I felt that I was the happiness person on Earth and I shared my happiness with the sisters of my district. So they were reallly happy also!!! Im so happy with the lord! In the book of Mormon in Alma 22.18 say. Oh Dios, Aaron me ha dicho que hay un Dios, Y si hay un Dios, y si tu eres Dios, Te darías a conocer a mi? Sorry I like it better in Spanish. Its are we willing to let God know us! During my district meeting today I shared. We need to change our hearts. We need to take out the stuff in our heart that not holding us back from progressing spritual. We need to change that now!!! It was very spirtual. Even my zone leaders said that they need to change somethings. 

By the way im going to train again my third son on the mission!! Changes are on Friday because of Thanksgiving!! I will recieve my third son on Friday!!!!! haha Im excited!! Have a big Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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