Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 24

Well I have a new son in the mission! His name is Elder Coy and he is from Coban Guatemala!!! Its been really fun traning him. Antigua is treating our sheo really great!! haha Well my sheos are fine but my companions sheo are getting a little destroyed!! Im really enjoy the mission. Today is my birthday and the whole zone Antigua got together and sing to me happy birthday! The sisters in my district bought me a small cake and toy cows haha I thought it was funny! This change we have a new focus in the Zone Antigua! is more Charity to the people and our companions. I bought a cake from my district I like thats act of Charity! haha. I saw a huge miracle. I started to do more act of love and the lord is put a baptism for us this week! This baptism came out of no where but we have a baptism!!! Act of love bring blessings and miracles!!! I have some pictures from you guys!!! Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday!! 

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