Tuesday, July 12, 2016


May 3
This week has been really fun!! I love it!! Sorry Im a little busy right now but I love you guys!!! Happy birthday mom in two days!! Talk to you on 
Sunday!!! I have some pictures of my bishop in Jacarandas and I found him today cleaning the church in Pana 

May 11 
Transfer info. Im not in Solola anymore!! Im not a Zone leader anymore either!! Im in The área Promisión in Villa Nueva!! Enjoying my last área!!! Im loving this place, I think is the best place to end the misión strong!! My new companion is Elder Bados from Honduras!!!! He is a great Elder yesterday in Transfers President Markham told me Elder Bados children with remember me. Thats my goal that Elder Bados children with remember me!! We have awesome people we are teaching. I love my new área and the Elders and sisters in the zone Villa Nueva!!! Im going to finish my misión on fire!! Im giving all I have to finish stronger!!! I love it and for the rest of my time I will come home very tried and happy!!! Goodbye

May 17 
This week was really great!!! My first week Her in Ward Promisión and we got to baptize a PF. It was really cool!! I felt the love of the Ward and I can trust them and them at me!!! WE are working really hard her with the members and its awesome!! I can feel the unity that we had as a zone in Villla Nueva!! I love my liders and they are a grreat example to me!!! Have a great week!!!

May 24
Another week of the life in the city of Villa Nueva. Yesterday we had zone pday. My body hurts a Little. We played a lot of Basketball and I give thanks to Heavenly Father that he sent me to Sololá and it was a very hilly área that my legs got strong and I can jump pretty high now hahah. 
Pday was fun and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday too!! I love in the misión!! The members are really cool!! I learned to love them!! The misión is the best thing!! Im so different because of the Atonement of Jesús Christ!! Love ya all  

May 31

This week had been really awesome. We are teaching a member less-active and her daughters Her name is Maricela and she a cool mom. We were preparing her daugther to get baptized. At first was a Little hard. One night we get a call from President Markham asking us something about them. I dont remember but He told us, he would come to visit them with us. Friday came and we went to pick him up at the stake center in Villa Nueva and we found him eating food. He got us some food too!! When we got to the house of Maricela. She was there and two of her daugthers Lindsey and Emily. I dont know how to explain that visit but it was the most spiritual visit we had. Maricela knew the importantces of getting her daugthers baptized!! So we finished at night and baptism date set!! The next day was the interviews and she couldnt make it!! I was starting to be upset. Sunday morning we had the interviews and after church. We baptized them. Yesterday we went to visit them and they were really happy and Maricela is happier with all her problems but she is one happy mom!!! That was my week and I love it!!!

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