Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 12

We had interviews with President but my companion had to go to the capital something going on with his visa and we missed the interviews but thats ok. This week was really fun. The Ward is working on a plan. A new way to work with the Converts and less active and Investagores. So we have been helping the Ward start going on the plan to read the book of Mormon with the Converts, Less actives, and Investagores. Thats getting us excited. We also found a family of 7. There how is huge because 35 people live in that house. We have not got the chances to speak to all of 35 just 7 of them. The Work here is growing. Today in the district meeting we spoke about the Faith.
How is your faith? What are you doing to grow your Faith? How are you acting upon your Faith?
Three single question that we need to answer and if we are not doing it well repent and act on our faith. We cant see miracles unless we are acting on our faith.

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