Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27

I have lots to say this week!! JUAN GOT BAPTIZED ON SUNDAYSunday was a really werid day and something happen that it was really werid. So on our way to Juan baptism at the skate center. We were on the bus and there was a drunk dude on the bus! He was being annoying with everyone and he started bugging me. My companion and I got of the bus and this drunk dude is following us and we started to run. Well he started to run and came up to me and he wanted to punch me. I pushed his arm off me and I started to run haha then again he was running right after us haha and again he tried to punch me. He told where are you guys going. This dude started making funny of us because we are Mormons. Then he left us. Well I almost got punched by a drunk men haha. The temple trip was last week was funny but long haha I have pictures! So my Companion Elder Govea goes home next week. On Saturday he asked president if he can go visit people from our area and say goodbye to them. So Yesterday we were to Sipacate. I returned to my first Area yesterday it was cool to see everyone again for just day but it was great! I love the mission Thanks for the Love Thats my story of the week hahaah I have lots of pictures this week, and some of the pictures are pictures of the buses here and how they look. LOVE YOU GUYS ALL ELDER VEGA

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