Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 1

Well I have been in my area for 6 months and I have changes tomorrow. So I get to leave Las Margaritas. I dont know where im going. Maybe I will go back to the coast or stay in the city again or go to the mountions! I dont know! haha This week we had a baptism of Jefferson! That was great! Im saying goodbye to everyone today! Some changes are coming to my life in the mission. New companion and new area! You guys wont know till next week! 

Last friday we had a conference with President Nelson! Hes a very spiritual man! I I learned many things but my favorite thing was a different way to study. In the Spanish scriptures their is something called Guia Para El Estudio De Las Escrituras. I learned to us that more and its really great because I learned a lot these last couple of day! 

Im really grateful for the time I got to spend in Margaritas. I know I have to learn what the lord wanted me to learn here with my companion. I can truely say Im a different person. I look back to see who I was at home before the mission. I know what I have changed and Im trying my best to get become more like Christ. I know with all my heart that he is my friend and Im his friend! Im going to miss margaritas and the people. Im going to miss more my district. I really enjoy working with the district Margaritas. I dont have much to say today but I love you guys! I know with all my heart that the mission changes everyone that goes to one. The mission makes you a better person and prepares you for the future! I love you guys! 

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