Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 8

Last Wednesday we had changes  CAMBIOS. My new compion is Elder Trimnal and his from North Carolina. Im in the area that every missionary wishes to be!!!!!! IM IN.................. are you guys ready to know where im in? Im in ANTIGUA GUATEMALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in the most beautiful area of the mission. Up in the mountains. Let me tell ya Anitgua is so great the members here are cool! I love it here. I love my companion too!! Im still district leader of the sisters of Ciudad Vieja and the Elders of Alontengo. Im so excited to be here!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel that im home and I know that the people here are different then the city. I know there is brothers and sisters here that I promised  I would love and bring back to Heavenly Father!! 

Have you guys thought this question. How am I showing love to Father in Heaven? The answer shouldnt be Pray, studying, or church. Im going to share what I think everyone should being doing to show love to Father in Heaven. 

Going to the temple and visiting him. Its is home and he lives there. We also should visit his children that are less active and bring them back. do serve to the children of Heavenly Father. Understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Family nights. Keep his commandments and there is a lot of our things. We can show our love! Im so happy to be here. Living the gospel is the greatest way to show love to Heavenly Father and be a example to the world. The world today is different and need to show that we are different and are getting guided by God. I know with all my heart that missionary work with bring happiness to your lifes. Do it, its a blessing. Try it I promise you, you will be happy and the lord needs you guys and only missionaries and are set apart to do it. We are all missionaries in the lords work. He the missionaries around you guys! Give them your friends and family. You will be a big part of the conversion of your friends and family! Dont be a fear to do it. Just think when your friends, family and you will be with Heavenly father in the kingdom. Prepare them, Prepare yourself for this blessings. The members are the biggest help for the missionaries. Show love to Heavely father and help the missionaries! Love you guys and Its a blessing to do this work on the Earth. I want you guys to recieve the same blessings. Love you guys! 

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