Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August 25

Hola how is everyone doing. Well this week has been a blessing! Have a baptism is week! Im really example for it! Many crazy things are happening here. Guatemala is beautiful place to be! 

               My life in Guatemala. The mission is a blessing but its one of the hardest thing i have done in my life but Im so happy to be here. I will never forget this time! The Book of Mormon is true. With all my heart I say this. This book has change my life. Their is many example in the book of great men called for God. We should apply every little thing we learn for the book of Mormon. This is many things we dont know about life and the book of Mormon help us! God speaks to us! He love us and wants to be happy but we need to show our love to him by reading the scriptures everyday! The book of Mormon brings us closer to God! I know that is true because Heavenly Father and Jesus are my friends I depend on them to guide me! If someone is having a bad time in life. I know with all my heart that sharing stories of the book of Mormon will bring happiness and joy to thier lifes. I see that happiness and joy in my life and the people, we are teaching! God. I promise you guys if you want to know Heavenly Father and why Jesus Christ come to the earth read the book of Mormon. I promise that you will recieve a answer to all your questions! I know with all my Heart that Heavenly Father send Jesus to the earth to die for us because Heavenly Father loves us. Jesus died for us and his atonement is a act of love to us! So if they love us so much then what are we going to do this week to show our love to them! :) 

Love you guys with all my heart! I want you guys to get closer to Our god and Lord! With love Elder Vega. (Guatemala city central mission) 

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