Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 23

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing. Im doing great. Its hot here in Guatemala it stopped raining for a week and next week the rain and the roads full of water will be back. The roads get full of water and that water comes up above my knees. haha its fun to be wet all day! This week has been a werid one but its been a blessing. We are going to have a baptism this Saturday. Of a young man called Garbiel Oscal. I love the mission. Can someone do me a favor and sloooooow down the time becuse time is going to fast and I dont want to come to my year mark but the cool thing is that my two year mark of being a member is coming really soon. The day that changed my life! I love it. Sorry its email will be short because I have some others things to do but I love you guys and The lord loves each one of you guys! I have some proof that its rains alot here in Guatemala and that the roads get full of water. Some person took a picture of us walking in the water and my bishop found the picture on facebook and hey guess us that picture. The werid thing was that I didnt know someone took a picture of my companion and I. 

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