Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 16

Today I have the greatest district meeting and also pratices with traveling asistentes. Today I learned why we are more in the mission Guatemala city central. Today I knew that my works here are going to become blessings to my life. The lord was told my mission President. How can we do more. We need to find the needs of all the investagores in the first five mintures of the first lesson and focus on that need. I dont know why but I feel that one of the greatest things in my life its starting today. I feel the spirit so strong right now. I know that the Lord is blessing all of us but my family is getting one of the bestest blessings really soon. I still dont know what that blessing is but I know I will be here in Guatemala when they get it. I love the mission so much. I love Elder Mendieta my companion. I love the lord because he gave me the changes to learn so much form this district he put trust in me to lead! Yo testifico that we can learn a lot from our missionaries. There is two Elders I really love here on the mission. They are my old zone leaders. Elder Campos from Costa Rica and Elder Roney from Provo Utah. These two missionaries are more then my best friends they are my brothers. They are examples to me. Im sorry for that I'm going to say but I know that the lord loves every single one of us but the best mission of the world is Guatemala Central. Sorry for my little pride. haha. I love you guys. Yo testifico that Im a new person not the same old person I was better the mission. The lord has blessed me and keeps blessing me. Im Elder Vega and I'm a missionary of Jesus Christ. 

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