Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 9

Sorry for last week. I couldnt send out my message. Guess what I dont have changes this change. I get to stay in Margaritas with my companion but my district has changes. I will getting a new sister the District Margaritas/Petapa. Excited I wont know till tomorrow. Im excited to finish my companions training. This week has been great. We have some great investagores. The mission is working really hard. The people in the city are a little more hard then in the coast. Sometimes I miss the coast but I know the lord put me here for a reason and he has not tooken me out because I still have work to do here in Margaritas. I have learned something really cool about my President. He told me the other day. We are a little more but we can do a little more. That made me think like a member of the church. We are a little more because we have the only true gospel on earth. We can do a little more. Yes we can do more like bring people unto Christ. Is it easy? No its not easy but we feel the power of the Holy Ghost and our friends and family members feel that Spirit. I promise you guys if you left your confort zone. You will feel the power of the Holy Ghost. As Members of the Church of Jesus Christ we need to have a Spiritual expirence every week but as missionaries of the church we need to have one everyday. Its really important of us Missionaries to do the will of the lord. I know with all my heart if you left the confort zone. You will have the spirit of The Lord and the spirit will touch the people you guys help hearts. There is always something we can change. If you guys want to feel the spirit more. Put more time on the scriptures. Do prayers of Faith. Read Preach my Gospel in Chapter 4. It tells about the prayers of faith. The most important thing to feel the spirit is to live El dia de Reposo. Sundays have to be a different day then the others. I promise you guys if you do these things. You will feel the Spirit of the lord.

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