Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 7

A week full of blessings. I saw the lords love this week. I can't write what I feel this week because I don't have words to explain it. It was so powerful. In the mission Guatemala city central in the zone El Frutal. We are focusing on baptizing families. We are working really hard on those families of Heavenly Father. We have three families we are teaching and preparing them to make convenios with Heavenly Father. Everyday has gone by and I felt the spirit more and more everyday! All I can say that I love the spirit because I feel my heart changing. Wow I have changed so much in a 11 months on the mission. I give thanks for everyone that made my dream of being a missionary come true. I love you guys. I hope you guys know that nothing bad has happen to me in the mission. Sometimes its great sometimes is hard and upsetting but I know that Im were I need to be. These two years are changing my life forever. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know with all my heart that we are all loved from Heavenly Father and Christ. We need all to learn how to use the atonement in our lifes. My heart has changed. I love the mission. I know someday you guys will get to see the changes in my life. I cant stop telling you guys how much I love Guatemala. Its my second home.! Yesterday was district pday. I have a Hermana that loves to buy. Her name is Hna Lopez. Her companion Hna Mejia say that everytime Hna Lopez goes shopping, Hna Mejia has to buy to because Hna Lopez temps her to buy. Im going to the temple on Tuesday and before we are going Ihop first then the temple. 

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