Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 11

Well Im surprised with all that is happening at home in Utah. One years has gone by, me here in Guatemala and A LOT OF THINGS ARE CHANGING IN UTAH. HAHAH Let me tell ya im in shocking hahah. Well going back to Guatemala. I have some news, we had a baptism this week. Im so happy to see anyother daughter of Heavenly Father start her journey back to his present. I know that the lord is happy with her baptism. Today during the district meeting I was teaching about Paciencia. This is one of my favorite Atributos of Christ and I think its one of the hardest to get too. I know everyday in the mission our paciencia is getting tested. I know that the lord wants everyone to learn this atributo of paciencia because it will come in handy in our lifes. Its hard tho haha. Something different I did during the district meeting was test the level of paciencia my district has. They didnt like it haha. So in the district I have my campanion and the sisters. I did my district meeting in English. My English has got bad by the way haha. I love the words of Presidnte Thomas S. Monson when he talks about paciencia "La vida esta llena de dificultades, algunas mas penosas que otras. Parecería que hay una infinidad de pruebas para todos.  El problema es que muchas veces esperamos soluciones instantáneas para las dificultades, olvidando que frecuentemente es necesario que pongamos en practica la virtud celestial de la paciencia." I know with all my heart that Jesus Christ lives. Im so happy to be here in Guatemala. I have zone conference tomorrow and IM really to learn and apply it in my live. I love the mision. The mission has changed my life and Im happy with who I am. Im a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. Im proud to me Mormon! 

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