Monday, November 10, 2014

November 4

Hey everyone!! I have a new area its called Jacarandas 1 and its in Escuintla!! Im some what in the city now.. Its a pretty area! The members are really nice, They feed us lunch everyday!! This month our mission goal is 400 baptisms and guess what, We will reach this goal!! We have 3 investagors that are going to be baptized this weekend! Its really cool preparing people to come unto Christ and be in the path to our Heavenly Father, I know as a missionary its so great the feel of the Spirit When the people agree to be a member of the true Church!! The awesome thing of my area I can see 4 volcanos!! Just one of them is active and smoke comes out of it!! Its so Plias cause I have never seen a Volcano!! This week I been working to know my new area and the people, so I do not have a cool story but I will have a Plias story soon!!! My new camponion is from Peru and his name is Elder Aza!! Hes Plias!! Love you guys all!! Always be a example to everyone and invite nonmembers to church stuff and to church!! Love Elder Vega

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