Monday, November 17, 2014

November 11

Sunday the 9th of Nov, we baptized a mom and her son! The names are Martha and Julio! I got the change to baptized Martha it was really cool cause I felt really great and the Spirit was strong!!! I know when  I get to baptize my mom, I will feel the same way as Martha Baptism! It was a great day!!! Something crazy happen this week!! Theres a family in my area and the dad and mom and daughter arent baptized but the two brothers are! The dad lived in Utah for 10 years and had a family there, So hes married and he cant get baptized till he gets a devories for this wife in Utah but heres the crazy thing They got married in Las Vegas and now this wife in utah got remarried with someone else without the devores. He really wants to know if his marriage with her is real or not because he wants to get married to his future wife and be baptized! Somethiing really cool about him He knows evrything about the church, hes been to conference in Salt Lake, Hes been a investagor for 7 years and He use to live by the MTC in Provo! He know how every temple looks like cause he has visited them but never went in a temple! Thats my crazy story of the week! I really hope his marriage in Vegas is not real!!!!!! I have some pictures for you guys to see of the baptisms and one of a really cool wall that I found yesterday! 
I forgot to tell you guys something really important!! I was in my first Earthquake last Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really awesome and the earthquake was a small one and it was just for 3 seconds but really small!! Dont worry Im doing great!! 

Thats all, love you guys,
 Elder Vega

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