Monday, November 10, 2014

October 21

Next week is Changes for us!!!!! My companion thinks he is leaving and Thats ok with me. I feel like I know the area now to well. Yesterday we had zone p day. Guess where we went!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Went to the Beach. I got to play in the sand by the Sea. Everyone in my zone got sun burnt really bad!!! HAHa I feel the pain right now. There is a sickness going around here called Chikungunya. I do not know how to say it. The great thing I havent got it and I wont get to it cause im using bug spray. So Steven hasnt got baptized yet and he is starting to lose hope about it. His mom wont sign the baptism papers. We dont know what to do anymore... We have faith he will get baptized this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! 

Everything is going well!!!!!! Love you guys all and I have pictures for you guys 
The first 3 pictures are the Ocean!! The next picture is my District The Sisters are so Pilas They work so hard  

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