Monday, November 10, 2014

October 28

I have bad news this week!! Tomorrow we have Changes and I leaving my area!! I was a little sad but I'm excited to see who is my next companion tomorrow!! Yesterday and today, I will be saying goodbye to everyone in my area Sipacate. O well time to move on!! Hopefully I dont go to a cold area. I like the coast area!! So this week Steven didnt get baptized either, we decided to drop him cause his mom does not want me to believe in this church. It made me a little mad but I know its not his time yet. The super Pilas thing that happen this week is. We found a family that we are teaching. They have no kids yet. They are not married yet. His Name is Daniel and her name is Igrrel. Daniel is married to another women and they need to go through that progress, so Daniel can get married to Igrrel! Something really cool about Daniel he was in the Guatemala Army!! He told us some crazy stories!! Igrrel is a nurse!! When both were kids they went to The Church of Jesucristo De Los Santos De Los Ultimos Dias as kid. They never got baptized tho! On Sunday they came to church, everyone welcomed them, all the members were so nice with them!! Daniel and Igrrel decided to come to church every week and they will get baptize as soon as they can get married! I hate Daniel´s job cause it starts next and  week and they work everyday for 6 months straght. He works in the factory that makes sugar. He cuts down the plaint that the sugar is made from!! Thats my week!! Next week I will have pictures of my new camponion! Love you all

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