Monday, November 10, 2014

October 14

This last week was CRAZY. Somethings happen and some miricales happen. Sunday one of the members brought her sister to church and her name is Magdelina and her two daughters Susley and Andrea. After church we went to visit them. Magdelina told us her story. She was Cathilic before. Her husband left her and the family for another women But he has done this for many years then just comes back to her. This time he is gone for good. During the lesson She started to cry and I have no idea what to do. So I didnt do nothing haha. The great thing about it, Her and her daughters agreed to be baptized on the 26th of this month. Susely the Daughter is weird. I feel so uncomferable teaching her.  Andrea is so Pilas. She loves to read the book of Mormon. I love visiting them. Steven hasnt got baptized yet. We need a miricle to happen with him and his familly. I know that he is ready and hopefully this sunday is his baptism. We are also visiting one of our converts mom and brother. The mom is Consuelo and the brother his name is Carlos and he is 19 years old. Carlos has a girlfriend that we are teaching also her name is Victoria and she is 14 years old. They are planning to get marry...... Guatemala is a little crazy. They are doing great tho. We need them to come to church. My mission president said we need to have 400 baptisms as a mission in Novemeber. So every companionship needs to baptize at least 3 or 4 people. My area is one of the hardest in the mission but I know we will have 4 baptisms. I have faith on that and we will get our 400 baptisms for Novemeber. 

I would love if you guys can pray for my Family, Steven, Magdelina, Susely, Andrea, Consuelo, Carlos, and Victoria. They are our next bothers and sisters to come unto Christ!!!!!!! thats my week.  Love you guys all have a great week Love you guys Elder Vega 

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