Monday, June 1, 2015

May 27

Sorry I didnt write yesterday I had to go to the captial with my companion! Guess what we did for our Pday of Zona. WE WENT TO ANTIGUA again. hahaha Great time! This week has rained ALOT MORE THEN WHAT YOU GUYS ARE GETTING IN UTAH. It starts raining at 2 in the afternoon and its does not stop till 10 at night. So my poor feet are cold and they look ugly! hahah. I know that my life has change. I love it. The church has change my life but the mission has distroy me haha it keep distroying me but its making me a better person. I got to suffer with love right! I know if we suffer with love, everything turns out great! My mission president tells us all the time pain is our best friend because we learn of it! Dont worry I dont have pain. I tressure this time on my mission because it has done so much for me. The mission is still making me more skinny but I stll eat lot. I seen the lords hand in my life. I know that he is preparing heart to come unto Christ. I know if I obey every rule I get. My promises with come true! I love the knowlegde I have on the Book of Mormon I love back a year and 10 months from to day when I got baptized. I didnt know anything about the church. Now I know a lot. I can truely say YO SOY UN REPENSENTATE DE JESUCRISTO Y YO ESTOY AQUI PARA CAMBIAR VIVAS Y MI VIVA. YO AMO A MI SALVADOR JESUCRISTO. YO AMO A GUATEMALA Y TODAS LAS PROBLEMAS QUE VIEN A MI. YO SE QUE JESUCRISTO VIVE Y EL LES AMA. Never forget to help someone else come unto christ. Its not only the missionaries work to bring people to christ, its also your responabily to do missionary work love you guys!

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