Friday, January 9, 2015

December 30

Christmas was really pilas, by the way in Guatemala pilas means awesome! On the 24th All the members we visited fed us and I couldnt eat anymore after the second visit, and I ate 8 times! That night my mission president gave all the missionaries to stay out till 12.30 by we had to be with a leader! My companion Elder Govea and I stayed at the bishops house playing games and watching everyone in the street play with fireworks! When midnight hit everyone let the fireworks go! It sounded like Guatemala was in war haha! Plus the bishop gave us more food! On the 25th was our pday and I got to talk to my family!!! MY mom and two of my sisters on  baptized that night!! Best christmas present I recieved!!! Christmas was kinda boring just sleeping in the house haha! On the 23th we had a crazy family night with lots of members and investagors!! I know that promises that Heavenly Father made me are coming true! I gave him thanks for all the blessings! I want you guys to know I love you guys and its the time to change and start our the 2015 with goals to bring more of Heavenly Father Childrens back on track! I know that you guys have friends or family members at are not members or less active! Its time to help our the missionaries to bring new people to the truth or bring back people to the truth! Dont be scared to step up and do the will of the Lord! A great example of this is Nephi when he tells his dad Lehi I will go and do what the lord has comanded!! 1 Nephi 3:7 Lets be a little be more like Nephi and step up and do the lord will! Its the TIME to bring childrens of Heavenly Father back, so they can also taste of the fruit of joy like in Lehi dream! 1 Nephi 8:12! Lets have the faith to be like Jesus Christ and bring souls unto him! Love you guys  

The Christmas miracle of my family getting baptized!

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