Friday, January 9, 2015

January 6, 2015

So I had this nice emaiil written for you guys and the power just went out so i dont have the time to rewrite all the things i wrote.. What a sad day haha  my week has been great really pilas, I been full of miracles this week! We are preparing people to come unto Christ in this month, This is the month of Miracles and I know I saw many miracles because my sister got baptized on new years haha so my familly is almost members of the true chruch!!! Just my dad is left haha hopefully it will be soon!!! sorry if my email is short now haha I know that miracles happen through our faith in Jesus Christ!!! I know that if we want to see miracles in our lifes first we need to grow our faith and study the scriptures and grow that gift from God that is the faith, read Alma 32 and we will see your faith grow!! We had high goals for our zone this month and we need our faith to be high too and miracles will happen, Our prayers help us grow our faith also! I have faith the my dad will be get baptized before my year mark!! I also need your guys faith that live by my family to grow your faith and I want to see this miracle this month, That miracle will be that my whole family will be members for the true church!!! WHO IS READY TO GROW THAT FAITH AND SEE MIRACLES HAPPEN!!! I KNOW THAT IM READY FOR THAT MIRACLES!!! I would like if everyone can read Alma 32 and plan how you will help someone seed grow in the faith of Jesus Christ!!! I KNOW YOU GUYS WILL BE BLESSED FOR IT LOVE YOU ALL

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