Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19

So today I get to have my internet time not tomorrow haha! Tomorrow my zone is going to the Temple, Temple trip haha with my buddies the Elders of Zona Escuintla. Some great thing are happening in the Guatemala city central mission, We are preparing a young man called Juan to get baptized on Sunday, Its hot in Escuintla. So I heard that Miki got married and someone can tell her that I said hi! Last Friday I have interview with President Markham and its was so awesome, We were laughing the whole 35 minutes of that interview haha, I learn so much in that 35 mintues with President Markham. He did tell me I need to be ready for anything the Lord calls me to do! I been learning so much this week, I start to read The Book of Enos and my prayers are getting stronger and stronger! I know that im in the true church and that I shouldnt be playing with every dog I see haha I almost got bite three times this week hahaha but I did play with a cat and it bite me hahaha My mission is going to fast hahaha I want to slow down but everytime I try to slow down, Im working more haha well I love you all, Dont forget to remember the scriptures and pray, and work in the missionary work with people that home, 
like my dad!!! :)

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