Friday, January 9, 2015

december 9

CHANGES TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! I get a new companion tomorrow! Im so excited to get a new companion, this week was been great, in my ward there is a return missionary and she kinda werid because she was in Chile for her mission and there mission is so different and weird but shes been helping all, she wants to bring people back to church, so its lots of help but im kinda scared of her because she nice but she can be mean. The converts are doing great they are loving the time of christmas but christmas is so different here, THERE IS NO SNOW JUST HEAT haha, yesterday we ate lots of food with President Markham, When we were heading back to my area the bus i felt so sick cause of the food but its was soooo good!!!!  The mission is awesome right now its christmas time and more people are open to hear our message and its great to prepare more people
1st is of all the baptisms we had on nov 30th 
2nd is my zona picture with the stake president

3rd is of my district of Jacarandas  

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