Monday, January 19, 2015

January 13

Pday de zona yesterday and it was awesome! We went to Antigua and it was weird because there is people all around the world there! It was pilas and I bought some cool things for me! haha My week has been great, the missionary work is going. The other day for lunch I had cow feet and its has no meat. It was werid but good and yes i did get sick because of that. haha But the other day we went to a part of my area and its a little far and its called Cuytah and it reminded me of home because of the smell of cows. I was happy about that but it was long bus ride. This week I learned that we need to love everyone and show it! Moroni 7 talks about how we can reach this love for the people. If we show love, people will see why do they have so much love. They will want to know what we do. They will be more willing to listen. Keep showing love to everyone. Love you all 
I have pictures of Antigua enjoy

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