Monday, June 1, 2015

May 19

The rain is here in Guatemala. We had a great wedding on Saturday! Juan and Jennifer got married and Baptized! Im so happy that they put their faith and hope on the Lord and now they are getting blessed for their acts! I love the lord. I know that my family is getting blessed for everyday I get rained on. Juan told me something about his baptism. "When I go into the water its was really cold but the moment I got out was fulled with the spirit that my heart started to burn inside me." I know with all my heart that the lord is preparing people because his coming is coming. I love the mission even though sometimes its hard but its pilas the feeling you get when you come to your house and your so tried and all you want is to sleep but you cant because you got other things to do! That the greatest feeling there this. I know that Jesus lives and he is my light and happiness to my days. Heavenly father has gave me a lovely home here in Guatemala. I will never forget this place. I enjoy every second here. I want to say thank you for everyone that helped me get there on the best two years of my life. I will never forget eachone of you guys. Love you with all my heart.  

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