Monday, June 1, 2015

April 14

Hey winter weather is coming to Guatemala so the means the rain will be here soon and I will be wet everyday for 6 months! I love my area las Margaritas the people here are awesome! We have a baptism this sunday and her name is Dayana Gil its the sister of our last baptism! We are also preparing a family to get baptize but first they need to get married and they are willing to get married and baptized. Im every excited for all this! Im really happy that Im finding micales in my mission! We have interviews with my President last week. President Markham tell me! You are doing great! The lord knows your doing everything the best you can and hes proud of you! Then we got talking about the Household of faith that was awesome I would like to tell you everything about the Household of faith but thats only for me! Before the interview was over President tells me. After the mission you need to start looking for the young lady that you want to be with forever! He told Elder Vega your going to be a great leader in the church but to have these blessings you need to find that person that will support you with your duties! So all the Elderes since conference they are making goals to get married now its funny and awesome! I know I need to focus on my mission and pray to Heavenly Father for the young lady that will support me because Im willing to support her in anything! That was a pilas interview with President Markham! 

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