Monday, June 1, 2015

May 12

Im not prepare to get married after my mission! hahahaha Its not easy planning for a wedding! So these week on Saturday at 4 our investagores are getting married and baptized on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me tell ya guys its not easy to plan a wedding. It gaves you some stress.. Its a great blessing though because I will be prepare for my wedding in a while! Guess what Thats not the only wedding My companion and I are planning, we have another one wedding on the 30th. More blessings!! I love it thought because it shows our faith like Alma says in Alma 32:21 Y ahora bien, como decia concerniente a la fe. La fe no es tener un conocimiento perfecto de las cosas, de modo que si teneis fe, teneis experanza en cosas que no se ven, y que son verdaderas. Sorry I only know it in Spanish! I have faith that I showing my love to the Lord by bring people to him! I love everything Im doing! The time is going pass by to fast. Im almost to a year on this path that brings so much happiness to my life! I know that this is the true Church! I am a missionary of Jesus Christ! I know that the mission is preparing to be a great Father someday! I love you guys! On Sunday We got to work with the Traveling Asistentes! The awesome thing is that My mission father is one of the Traveling Asistentes. Elder Heslington! I love him

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